The Dark Side Of The City; [Chapter 1]

Title: The Dark Side Of The City;  [Chapter 1]
Pairing: Super Junior-centric; slight!Haehyuk in this chapter;
Rating: R
Genre: Supernatural, Dark.
Warning: Language, Vampire!SuperJunior.
Summary: There's a mansion on the other side of the city. Inside the mansion, there're thirteen handsome, yet dangerous guys...

["Please...I already gave you all my money, what else do you want?!" The girl shouted.]"Please...I already gave you all my money, what else do you want?!" The girl shouted.

"Well, it's true that money is what we wanted." One of the guys scanned her with his eyes from her head to her feet. The girl took a step back and tried to cover herself with her hands. "But, i think we found ourselves a nice treat." The other guy chuckled and took a step closer to the girl.

"H-help!" The girl screamed.

"Shhh...Babe, you are in one of the most dangerous parts of the city." One the the guys said as he look a lock of her hair and smelled it. "Aaaah...Strawberry scented shampoo, eh?" He smirked.

"Y-you're sick!" The girl shouted in horror, there was no escape. She was walking on the streets late at night when these two guys started following her. She quickly noticed and started walking faster, but one of them suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her into a dark alley.

"Quit talking, bitch." One of them roughly pushed her against the wall, "Let's see if you are as good as you seem to be." He darkly whispered and held both of her arms above her head. "Hey, start stripping her." He told the other that was with him.

The girl struggled and cried for help, but it was useless. No one would come help her, this side of the city had a dark reputation. This was where all the drug dealers, thieves and other dangerous people, or creatures lived. Even the police were afraid to walk on this dark side. Your chances of being robbed, raped or even killed were just as high during day time over here.

"These look nice." One of them said as he ripped her bra off, "Are they natural?" he said and gave her breasts a hard squeeze.

The girl hissed and continued struggling, "Help! Please, Anyone!"

"You scums."

The two guys turned their head to the right and took their knives out.

"H-help! Sir, please!" The girl continued shouting.

"Who's there?!" The guy who was holding onto the girls arms let go. She quickly tried to flee, but the other grabbed onto her hair and forced her to stay still by putting his knife next to her neck.

"Let her go." The voice ordered.

'Pfftt...Stop hiding in the shadows, you coward!" The other shouted at the darkness.

The mysterious person chuckled, "You asked for it."

The two thieves stood nervously as a human figure came out of the shadows. It was a handsome tall male with blonde hair, his skin was pale white. He wore black clothes, camouflaging him well in the shadows. He was wearing black boots with his pants tucked inside them, similar to the way the military wore their uniform.

"Let me repeat myself one last time. Let the girl go."

The two thieves laughed, "It's two against one. Besides, we have knives with us." One said before charging forward ready to attack.

In a blink of an eye, the thief was laying on the ground, lifeless. A puddle of blood surrounding it.

"W-what?" The other guy backed away horrified. The girl watched in disbelief at what just happened.

"This wouldn't have happened to him." The mysterious guy licked his blood covered hand, "You taste horrible." He insulted the lifeless man.

He picked the knife off the ground and held it with his right hand. "See what happens when you disobey me?" He opened his hand. The knife that he was holding a few seconds ago, was now hovering on top on his opened hand as if some invisible string was tied to it, making it seem like it was floating.

"Y-y...You're one of them!" The thief gasped and let go of the girl, "I-i am terribly sorry!" He threw his knife at the ground and ran away as fast as he could.

The girl was shivering on the ground. She looked up at her savior, both terrified and relieved that he had saved her.

"Are you hurt?" The guy walked towards her, the loud steps his boots made filled the alley. He squat down in front of her and gently touched face.

The girl flinched, "A-are of them?" she asked covering herself with her arms.

The guy smiled and showed her his sharp fangs, "Are you scared?" He whispered with his husky voice.

The girl nodded. The guy in front of her right now was a million times more dangerous than the two thieves. Humans are to avoid them at all cost. But, this one didn't seem as dangerous, he did save her life. A human's life.

"W-what want?" The girl's voice trembled.

"Take a guess..." The guy whispered, his hand softly caressing the girl's cheek. "You'll probably get it on the first try." He smiled.


The guy nodded, "In exchange of saving your little life." He pointed at the lifeless body of the thief he had killed.

The girl was shaking in horror, "Can I at least know your name?" She asked.

The guy raised an eyebrow. 'Is this even the right time to ask a guy his name?' He wondered. The guy stared at her eyes for a second before replying, "Eunhyuk."

The girl slowly exposed her neck to him. "Will it hurt?"

Eunhyuk leaned in and slowly licked her neck, "Maybe." He answered.

She closed her eyes and tightly held onto Eunhyuk's shirt.

"Haaaaah!" The girl moaned as she felt his fangs dig into her skin, "E-Eunhyuk! S...Stop!" She struggled as she suddenly felt immense pain.

Eunhyuk pushed her onto the ground and held her tightly as he continued to drink her blood.

"Haah! S-stop! Please!" The girl cried and tried to break free. She felt all her life being drained away as he drank more of her blood.

Eunhyuk's chocolate eyes turned crimson red, as he was getting quenched with the girl's blood.

"P-please...s-stop...p-plea..." The girl's shouting seemed to have quieted down, and her body had stopped struggling.

Eunhyuk let go of the girl and wiped blood that had dripped down the corner of his lips. "Crap." The girl was pale.

"You almost killed her, Hyukkie~"

Eunhyuk looked up. There was another one of them sitting at the rooftop of a not so tall building, watching everything.

"Shut up. How long have you been there?" Eunhyuk told the other to come down.

The other stuck his tongue, "Since you became the hero." He said before jumping down and softly landing on the ground.

"I was just trying to save her." Eunhyuk checked the girl's pulse. It was faint, but she was still alive.

"Right, by trying to suck all her blood away?" The other teased, he covered the girl with her torn shirt and carried her in his arms.

"But...I was so hungry..." Eunhyuk pouted.

"We have to take her to a hospital. Let's save her for real now." He said and disappeared into thin air.

"Yah! Lee Donghae!" Eunhyuk yelled before also vanishing.


"Aish...He's causing trouble again."

"Yah...Stop spying on others Kyuhyun." Leeteuk, their leader said while flipping through the newspaper.

Kyuhyun glared at him, "But, aren't you curious of what would appear on tomorrow's news~?" He tried to lure his leader's attention.

Leeteuk looked at his fellow member and put the newspaper down on the coffee table. He sighed before finally asking, "What did he do now?"

The other looked at him and smirked, "What do i get?" he asked hoping to receive the newest high-tech computer that has yet to be released in the market.

His leader shook his head, "Forget about the computer, Kyu." He said for the 100th time.

Kyuhyun pouted, "Sheesh, stop using your powers to read my thoughts." mumbled and vanished in front of the leader's eyes.

"Tch. I have to teach that kid some manners." Leeteuk reminded himself.

Silence filled the big elegant mansion. Despite being at the darkest and poorest side of the city, Leeteuk somehow had managed to buy this place. At first it was just him, but, as time went by, the mansion slowly got livelier as 12 other guys joined him. Many people knew what kind of people...or creatures lived in the mansion.

Young teenage girls saw the 13 people who lived inside as just a couple of guys who were gifted with extremely good looks. In fact, many teenagers visited them often and tried to become friends. Sadly, or more like fortunately, the leader, Leeteuk, had forbid humans from stepping inside the mansion. He did it for the safety of their members...Well, it's better to say that he's protecting the humans from them.

Grown ups knew exactly how dangerous the people inside the mansion could get, so they tried to avoid them as much as possible. Even if they seemed harmless from their looks, you'll never know when they might decide to invite you to dinner...or if you are dinner.

Leeteuk turned the 50 inch plasma on and surfed through the channels. But suddenly, a tall and thin looking guy appeared in front of the TV, his clothes covered in blood.

"What the hell did you do?" Leeteuk hissed at the guy.

The other chuckled, "Chill, i just finished what Eunhyuk and Donghae couldn't do." He started to unbutton his white, blood stained shirt off.

Leeteuk glared at him, He really disliked it when his members attacked others for no reason. "Heechul...Did you kill an innocent person?"

Heechul laughed and walked to the seat next to the leader and sat down next to him.

"Answer me. Did you?" The leader hissed, his eyes turning crimson red from anger. A fireball appeared on his hand, he was ready to throw it as soon as he heard a 'yes'.

"Yah! Didn't Kyuhyun tell you? I'm sure he was spying on all of us like always!" Heechul shouted. "I'm sure he saw everything!"

The fireball disappeared like magic. Leeteuk's eyes turned back to normal as he took a deep breath and relaxed.

"No, he didn't." Leeteuk grabbed Heechul's shoulder and shook him wildly, "Now tell me what happened!" He roared.

"Sheeesh. Calm down, grandpa." Heechul shook his hands off. "Look, Hyuk saved a girl from two bad guys...blah, blah, blah... One of them escaped. Donghae appeared, he took the girl and went to the hospital...Blah, blah, blah...I saw everything and finished the other off." Heechul explained while moving his hands everywhere like the diva he was.

Leeteuk nodded at every word that Heechul said, extremely relieved that it wasn't something worse.

"Now, goodbye." And with that, there was the loud slamming of a door closing. Heechul who was next to his leader a few seconds ago, was now back in his room.

Leeteuk fixed his eyes on the TV again. But, suddenly the front door opened and two guys walked in.

"Welcome back." The leader said in a firm tone.

Eunhyuk and Donghae looked at each other, how were they going to explain the mess they made.

"Did...Kyuhyun tell you already?" Donghae asked, trying to avoid looking at Leeteuk's eyes.

Leeteuk fixed his eyes on Eunhyuk, the other backed away and hid behind Donghae, "Eunhyuk, would you mind telling me what happened?"

Donghae stepped foward. "Aah...Hyukkie just tried to save a g-girl..." Donghae tried to protect the other. "He didn't mean to cause trouble."

Leeteuk, being the oldest in the mansion, had a lot of responsibilities. He was like the mother of everyone else. He had to make sure everyone was safe and had to make sure that no one causes too much trouble outside. They were barely able to live peacefully with the humans and trouble was not what he wanted.

"See, now because of what you guys did, humans are now paying even more attention to us than they should." Leeteuk seemed angry, but he was worried about their safety.

Eunhyuk and Donghae didn't say anything, they just looked at the floor, disappointment written all over their faces.

"We'll talk about this when the others get back." The leader finally announced.

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The Price Of Dinner;

Title: The Price Of Dinner.
Pairing: HaeHyuk, Slight KyuMin.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut.
Warning: Language, Sex. This is smut!
Summary: It's Eunyuk's day off and he wants Donghae's attention.

[From: Hyuk; Hae-ah! Today is my day off~ kekeke; Come home soon, the others won’t be here till very late ^^.]From: Hyuk;
Hae-ah! Today is my day off~ kekeke;
Come home soon, the others won’t be here till very late ^^.

Donghae read the SMS and chuckled. He looked up at the makeup artist, who seemed to be flustered at how she was just a few inches away from him.

He smiled sweetly hoping to calm the lady. “Are you new around here? You seem to be very nervous.”

The lady blushed and nodded. “I-it’s just that…I-I’m a fan of yours.” She tried to hide her excitement and gently applied some eyeliner on Donghae and gave him a few fixes. “You’re ready; please go over to the set.” She quickly packed and walked away hiding her embarrassment.

Donghae looked at his reflection on the mirror and fixed his bronze brown hair. Suddenly, he felt a light vibration on his hands; he looked at his cell phone and flipped it open.

New sms from: Hyuk;
Read now?

He tapped ‘yes.’

From: Hyuk;
Yah! I’m getting bored~ When are you getting home?
I really miss having alone time with you<3

“Tch. Such an impatient slut.” He said as out loud as if the other could hear him. He quickly typed a reply and walked over to the coordinator of the photo shoot.

“I want this done as fast as possible.” Donghae said in a firm tone.

“Do you have other plans after this?” The coordinator asked curiously. Donghae’s manager had told him that this photo shoot was the only thing on Donghae’s schedule, so, there wasn’t any need of hurrying.

“Yes, I have to go meet someone.”

The coordinator raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Could it be…a girl?

Donghae shook his head instantly, “No, it’s just someone really close to me.” He replied.

The coordinator laughed and gave Donghae a few rough pats on his shoulder, “I understand, a friend, right? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”
“Thanks, I guess?” Donghae was sort of confused. He wasn’t trying to hide anything, he really wasn’t meeting up with any girl; and Eunhyuk was someone really close to him. He was his freaking boyfriend! Everything he said was true.

“Yah, no more distractions. The faster you do this, the earlier you can leave.” The coordinator clapped his hands as he told everyone to get to their places.

Donghae stood in front of the camera. He had to look fierce, dark, elegant, mysterious and sexy at the same time for this month’s Halloween-vampire themed photo shoot. He interacted with everything on the set, from the old fashioned Victorian throne chair, to just showing his fake vampire fangs with his seductive smile. This was a piece of cake to him.


Eunhyuk walked around the dorm waiting impatiently for his boyfriend to get home. He looked around for things to do; He even did some cleaning around and reorganized his room out of boredom.

You’ve got message!” He heard his phone ring. He literally flew to it and immediately read the message.

From: Hae<3
Be there asap.

Eunhyuk pouted at the short, emotionless message. He expected something different. Maybe Donghae wasn’t as excited as excited as he was, but still, this made Eunhyuk upset. He dragged his feet to the couch and dropped on it; he replied to Donghae and sighed, still waiting for Donghae to come back.


“Good work everyone!” The coordinator praised and called Donghae over.

“Yes?” Donghae fixed his shirt; he had changed the dark, uncomfortable clothes used in the photo shoot back to his casual checkered shirt. He had a ‘Checkered shirt Mania’ As Eunhyuk said in a show teasing him.

“Here’s the card to an excellent restaurant I went with my wife last week.” The coordinator handed him a black card with the words ‘Exquisite’ in white, elegant print.

“What is this for?” Donghae stared at the card confused.

The coordinator leaned in and whispered, “Take her there, she’ll be very happy.” He smiled before heading over to the set.

“Wait, Wha-… Oh, the person I’m meeting.” Donghae remembered the misunderstanding they had earlier on and decided to just let it be. After all, this card would come in handy in the future. But for now all he wanted to do was get home.

Donghae stepped outside of the building where the photo shoot had taken place and got on the black van that was already waiting for him. Having someone else take him to places was much easier than driving his own car.

He told the driver to get to the dorm as soon as possible and that he needed to get some ‘rest’. No, that was a lie. Donghae just wanted to get home as soon as possible so he could wrap his hands around his beloved and have him for himself for the rest of the day.

As he was looking at the window, he felt a vibration in his back pocket. He took his cell phone and read a pretty shocking message from Eunhyuk.

From: Hyuk;
I don’t care anymore. I’m going to sleep…take your time.

Donghae panicked. He had no idea what he had done to upset Eunhyuk. He was worried, very worried. ‘Did Eunhyuk get tired of waiting for me?’ Donghae asked himself and tried to think about all the possible reasons why Eunhyuk was mad at him.

“Hey…What time is it right now?” Donghae asked his driver.

The driver looked at his hand watch. “It’s 7:15 PM. Are you in a hurry?” He looked at Donghae with the rear mirror.

Donghae nodded and the driver picked up speed. “I can’t believe it’s so late already.”

“I dropped you off at the set at around 5:00; the shoot didn’t take as long as usual. Do you feel well?” The driver was concerned at the idol’s health.

Donghae smiled, “I just need to head back to the dorm as fast as I can.” He reassured the driver and the other nodded.


Eunhyuk woke up at the sudden laughter coming from the TV. He had fallen asleep while waiting for Donghae. He got up, turned the TV off and went to the kitchen for some water when suddenly, he heard the main door open and shut very quickly.

“Hyuk!” Someone called for him. He put the glass down on the counter and went to see who it was, hoping for the person to be Donghae.

“There you are!” Donghae ran once he saw Eunhyuk and gave him a tight bear hug.

Eunhyuk frowned and lightly hugged him. “Yah…I’m mad at you.” He pouted.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Donghae’s happy expression turned into sadness, “Did I do anything to upset you?” he asked.

“Yes, you did.” Eunhyuk pushed Donghae away and went to get his cell phone. He tapped a few buttons and showed Donghae the short message he had sent a while ago. “This. Is what made me upset.”

Donghae stared at the screen confused, he wasn’t catching on. “W-What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s emotionless…It’s as if you weren’t looking forward to this!” Eunhyuk pointed out as he shook the phone around.

“Emotionless?” Donghae grabbed Eunhyuk by his hips and pulled him close to his body and gave him a passionate kiss. “Is this emotionless?”

Eunhyuk giggled, “That won’t fix everything.” He said and pretended to push Donghae away.

“Oh?” Donghae gave him another kiss and pushed him against the wall. His hands snuck under Eunhyuk’s shirt and made their way to Eunhyuk’s nipples, giving them a light pinch. “What would I have to do so you’ll forgive me?” he whispered.

Eunhyuk had pretty much forgiven Donghae already. But, he was enjoying all this attention so he continued, “You tell me.” He said and let out a low moan when his nipple received a hard pinch.

Donghae growled and attacked Eunhyuk’s sexy exposed neck, biting it and leaving red marks around. Maybe the vampire thing had affected him, but Eunhyuk’s neck seemed so delicious to him right now.

“Hae!” Eunhyuk gasped when Donghae slowly licked his way up on his neck and at the same time, his hand slipped in his pants grabbing his half erect penis. “Oh, god…Hae.” He felt like the places Donghae had touched were burning.

Donghae’s hand started to play with the other’s penis, slowly stroking it and teasing it, using his thumb to circle the tip with the precum, moisturizing the head while whispering things to the other.

“Let’s move to the room.” Donghae suggested. “Or would you like me to fuck you against the wall?”

Eunhyuk pointed to the direction where the room was. Donghae grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his hip, grinding his hard on with Eunhyuk’s as he walked to their room.

“Should we skip all this foreplay?” Donghae asked as he laid Eunhyuk on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt. “You see, my cock is tired of waiting.” He said and rubbed his very noticeable bulge.

 Eunhyuk looked at Donghae with half lidded, full of lust eyes. He unconsciously rubbed his cock at the same rhythm Donghae had, imagining it was Donghae who was caressing him.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Donghae smirked, taking his pants off, leaving his classic black boxers on. He pulled Eunhyuk up so he was sitting, took his hands and put them on his boxers band. He then leaned down and whispered, “I know you’ve been dying to take them off.”

Eunhyuk moaned in agreement and pulled them down, revealing Donghae’s excited hard on. He licked his lip and was ready to put it inside his dry mouth, but, Donghae’s hand suddenly covered his mouth and he shook his head.

“Didn’t I say that we’ll skip it all?” Donghae pushed him down until he was on his back. He crawled on top of Eunhyuk and rubbed the tip of his large cock with Eunhyuk’s unprepared, twitching entrance. “I want some rough, raw sex.”

The other moaned as he felt the large object enter him slowly.

“F-fuck! Hae…I-it hurts!” Eunhyuk groaned, he closed his eyes and held the sheets tightly.

Donghae sucked on one of Eunhyuk’s nipple and with his hand pinched the other. Eunhyuk gasped and his back arched, Donghae continued to fill him up slowly.

“Nnnng! Hae! Y-you’re gonna rip me apart!” Eunhyuk groaned once all of Donghae’s cock was inside him. The head of it was rubbing against his prostate with the slightest movements.

“I’m gonna fuck you till I can’t move anymore.” Donghae growled before pulling his cock halfway out and the roughly shoved it back in. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” He groaned at the tightness. “I’ve been dying to shove my cock inside you.”

“Fuck!” Eunhyuk screamed at the pain. Donghae’s cock was forcefully stretching his unprepared hole. “Hae! S-slower!”

Donghae continued to fuck Eunhyuk senseless. It was impossible to stop once you start.

“Haaah! Nnng! Oooh!” Eunhyuk’s pain was slowly fading away; Besides, he liked the rough beastly Donghae once in a while.

“Starting to feel good?” Donghae smirked and suddenly grabbed Eunhyuk’s penis and started to stroke it.

“Gaah! Hae! Fuck! Oh god.”  Eunhyuk moaned in great pleasure, his prostate was being rubbed at a great speed and with just the right force.

Donghae put one of Eunhyuk’s leg over his shoulder and fucked him even harder. The sound of the skin slapping and the grunts and moans filled the dorm.

“Nnng! Oooh…F-fuck!” Eunhyuk felt Donghae’s hands roam all over him, pinching his erect nipple and giving them licks, leaving trails of saliva everywhere.

“S-shit!” Donghae groaned and fucked Eunhyuk at his hardest. The other arched his back and screamed at the top of his lungs while stroking his penis wanting release.

“Haaae! God! I-it feels so g-good!” Eunhyuk moaned loudly “I- I’m going to cum!”

“Let it go, babe.” The other whispered.

“Nnngg-ah!” Eunhyuk’s back arched as he came all over both of them.

“Fuck! Babe! You’re so tight!” Donghae groaned as Eunhyuk’s hole tightly wrapped around his large cock.

“Nnnng! Oh god!” Eunhyuk continued to endlessly moan as Donghae hit his prostate.

“Ugh…Fuck!” Donghae hissed and fucked Eunhyuk’s twitching hole harder. He shoved his cock as deep as he could get making the other moan like a whore.
“Yah! Eunhyuk? Are you home?” Someone suddenly called out.

Eunhyuk’s eyes popped out, it seemed like one of the members were back ahead of time.

Donghae smirked and came to a full stop. Eunhyuk stared at him in horror, scared of what his boyfriend might do next.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?” Donghae leaned down and bit Eunhyuk’s nipple harshly. The other instantly covered his mouth and let out a low groan.

Donghae chuckled and pulled his cock half way out and shoved it all back in to the hilt. Eunhyuk closed his eyes and covered his mouth with both of his hands, trying to reduce the volume of his moans and grunts.

Donghae was having too much fun with this, “Babe, do you feel good?” He started to torture Eunhyuk as the other tried to stay as quiet as possible.

“Hyuk? Are you inside your room?” The voice became louder, it made Eunhyuk panic, but it also filled Donghae with excitement as he pulled half way out and shoved back in harshly. This rhythm was pushing Eunhyuk over the edge.

“Hyuk?” The person knocked on the door.

Donghae used his elbow for support and lips his hovered above Eunhyuk’s ear breathing against it, sending shivers down Eunhyuk’s body.

“Nnng! Nngg! Fuu-ng!” Eunhyuk was having a hard time staying quiet; every hard thrust hit his prostate right on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Donghae whispered as he felt like he was ready to explode.

“Haaah! Nnnng!” Eunhyuk back arched again as he reached his orgasm the second time. “Haah!”

“Shit!” Donghae groaned quietly as he exploded inside Eunhyuk, filling him with his warm cum. “Ugh…” He panted as the cavern tightened even more.

Suddenly there was knocking on the door. “Yah! Seriously! Are you just ignoring me?!” The person shouted.

Both Eunhyuk and Donghae stayed still, panting and breathing silently, praying for the other to go away.

“Hae, take it out.” Eunhyuk whispered.

Donghae lifted himself up and smiled. “Now, wasn’t that fun?” He asked in a low voice.

Eunhyuk shook his head while frowning.

“I guess, we’re home alone Kyuhyun-ah!” It seemed like Kyuhyun was also around.

“Let’s have sexy time then?” Kyuhyun suggested.

“Yah! You pervert maknae.” The other squealed.

“Aaaw, Sungmin ah, come on.” The other insisted, a few footsteps and a door was shut. Donghae and Eunhyuk couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

“We were almost busted.” Donghae laughed out loud and pulled his spent member out.

Eunhyuk groaned at the sensation of Donghae’s cum dripping down to his thighs. “That was too risky; don’t ever do that again.” He said and wiped the cum off with his shirt that was ripped off earlier on.

“But you liked it.” Donghae teased, “Admit it, you liked the thought of getting caught by the others with me still inside you.”

“You. Are. Insane.” Eunhyuk stared at his boyfriend as if the other was some sort of sick rapist.

“Bu-“ Donghae was interrupted by Sungmin’s sudden loud moan.

“Oh god! Kyu!”

Donghae and Eunhyuk looked at each other awkwardly.

“Ahem…Let’s go get dinner.” Donghae said thinking about the card that the coordinator had given him. “I know a good place.” He smiled before forcing the other to change, going outside the dorm and dragging his boyfriend to the elevator.


The elevator door opened, and to their surprise, the other members where inside.

“Hyuk! Hae!” Leeteuk smiled and gave them a hug. “Where are you going?”

“Probably to some hotel so Hae can fuck Hyukkie.” Heechul replied for them letting out a smirk.

“Hyung…I-is it true?” Ryeowook asked.

Shindong laughed at the boy’s innocence while Siwon immediately grabbed Ryeowook and cleaned his mind with the word ‘God’, ‘Forgive’ and ‘Sin’ used many times.

“Whatever, just go.” Leeteuk walked past them along with the other members.

Eunhyuk pulled Donghae’s sleeve and whispered, “Hae! Kyuhyun and Sungmin!”

Donghae quickly reacted.

“Ah! Hyung! Hyung! Heechul Hyung!” He called out for the other.

“Hmmm?” The other’s waited for Heechul as he talked with Donghae.

“Yaah!” Heechul said with a bright smile. “Hae’s going to treat us all to dinner!” He said while shaking the boy proudly. “The dongsaeng’s are treating us for dinner Teukie!”

The others kindly accepted and went back to the elevator.

Donghae let out a big sigh. Oh, the things he did for the evil maknae.

“Hae, you owe me one; But, Kyu and Sungmin owe me big time.” Heechul smirked before entering the elevator with the others.

Donghae and Eunhyuk also went on the elevator. It was filled with the chattering of the other members. Except Donghae, who wore a gloomy expression.

“Hae? Are you okay?” Eunhyuk asked noticing the rare not-so-cheerful Donghae.

“This is going to cost me a lot.” Donghae looked at him. “But, luckily, you are here so I can take all my rage and anger on you later with the rough sex.” He showed a dark, evil smile.

“I-I see…” Eunhyuk gulped.

He had just angered the beast.

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Personal Secretary;

Title: Personal Secretary.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Genderswitch, Smut.
Warning: Female!Hyuk, Language, Sex, Office!sex. (yum.)
Summary: Hyukjae is Donghae's personal secretary, and he always calls her for some special "work" that only she can fulfill.

[Hyukjae pushed her boss inside his office and gently kicked the door shut. As soon as they were inside, she cornered him to the nearest wall using her slightly bigger than average breasts to intimidate the now flustered boss.]Hyukjae pushed her boss inside his office and gently kicked the door shut. As soon as they were inside, she cornered him to the nearest wall using her slightly bigger than average breasts to intimidate the now flustered boss.

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been staring at my ass for a long time now, Donghae-ssi.” Hyukjae purred as she took a few steps closer to the built guy. “You are such a pervert.” She giggled as she turned and hopped away like a 5 year old on a field trip.

“Is this how you are supposed to treat your boss?” Donghae teased. Hyukjae bit her bottom lip and pretended to reflect on her actions. Donghae chuckled and walked towards the beautiful secretary. “You should respect me; I won’t forgive you even if you’re my personal secretary.” Donghae lectured her.

“I am terribly sorry, sir.” Hyukjae apologized.

“Good.” Donghae stood in front of her and planted his hands on her hips. “I hope this won’t happen again.” He leaned in to lock his lips with his secretary.

“Haaah…Donghae-ssi.” Hyukjae was breathless after the kiss. Her hands automatically came up and she placed them on Donghae’s strong chest. “Is…this…how a boss should treat his secretary?” She grabbed onto his shirt as she felt a hand starting to move somewhere.The hands that were on her hips a few seconds ago; were now on Hyukjae’s ass, slowly massaging it giving it a few hard squeezes.

“Do you dislike this? Hmm?” He asked already knowing the answer.

“Haaah!” Hyukjae let out a breathless moan.

“Shhh…” Donghae silenced her by sealing her lips with his own. Once he had found a slight opening, he thrusted his tongue inside her mouth, both of them experiencing the lust they had for each other.

“Nnng! Mmm!” Hyukjae moaned as Donghae strengthened his grip and deepened his kiss. He slowly backed away from the delicious plump lips and gazed into her chocolate eyes.

“I have some work for you.” He whispered as one his hand took hold of her cheek.

“You’ll have to wait, I’m a busy girl.” She flashed him her playful smile.

“Tch… I’m the boss.” Donghae caressed her cheek with his thumb. “Don’t I have more authority than the others?”

“Well…” She smirked and leaned over to give her boss a kiss. “You do have more privilege.” She stated.

“Mmhmm…” Donghae agreed. His hands swiftly landed on her shirt’s button, ready to take it off.

“Donghae-ssi.” She grabbed onto his hands and pulled them down. “I still have some parperwork to do.” She straightened the clothes and cleared her throat. “Now, please excuse me.” And with that she exited the room.

Donghae stomped to his desk. “Damn tease.” he grunted, feeling frustrated, he banged the desk with his fist. “I’ll punish her with a whole load of work later.” He settled himself on his big comfy chair. “She’ll never leave this room.” He smirked and continued working on his papers.


“Donghae-ssi?” Hyukjae called as she stepped in his office later that day.

“Come here.” Donghae ordered from his seat. Hyukjae smiled and swayed her hips seductively as she followed the order.
“You were very naughty earlier today; should I punish you now?” Donghae pushed the desk and his chair rolled away from it. He looked up and smiled at his secretary before giving his lap a few light taps, telling her to sit on them.

“And how would that punishment be like?” She asked anxiously while playing with a few locks of Donghae’s chocolate colored hair.

Donghae softly grabbed her shirt and pulled her close to his face. “Babe, I’ll have you screaming.” He looked down at his secretary’s gray blouse which showing a very low cleavage. “Why are you wearing this?” He asked and brushed his lips on her breast.

“To make you go crazy.” She responded.

Donghae chuckled and licked her right breast sensually. “Take it off.” He whispered and licked his lip. “Rip it all off.”
Hyukjae let out a growl and started to slowly unbutton her blouse; she looked into his eyes and started to roll her hips, telling him that she was ready. Donghae stared at Hyukjae’s breast and grabbed one of them, smiling he went for one of her nipples.

“Haaaah! Donghaee!” Hyukjae threw her head back and opened her legs, but her tight skirt didn’t let them go far. Donghae slowly licked her nipple and circled it with his wet tongue, enjoying every little grunt and moan that escaped from her lips. He massaged and squeezed the other breast with his other hand.

“Ngg! Haae, stop teasing!” She giggled as Donghae gave her nipple light, playful licks. “Touch me somewhere else.”

Donghae left her breasts and smirked. “Where?” He started to rub her stomach with one hand and with the other he caressed her back. “Is it here?” He asked as his hand slipped inside her skirt and touched her sensitive spot through her panties. “Should I touch here?”

“Oooh!” Hyukjae moaned as he added more force. “Y-yes!” She groaned once he started to make circles on her spot.

“Babe, you’re so wet.” Donghae whispered against her neck. He could feel her breathing heavily as he moved his hand faster, he could smell her want him. “Your panty is soaking wet.”

“Nnng! Mmmm! Haaaaah…Hae!” Hyukjae moaned loudly, Donghae’s hand felt deliciously good against her. “Mmm…! Put it inside already!”

He took his wet hands away from her and went for the panties. He slowly slid them off and threw them somewhere in the room.

“Haaah!” Hyukjae started to roll herself against Donghae’s thigh as she desperately took his belt off and tried to free his cock. “Haae! Please…H-hurry.” She pleaded as she picked up speed.

Donghae licked his dry lips and helped her. He took his cock out and started to stroke it. “Get on top of it.” He rubbed her thighs as she immediately lifted herself off his laps, pulled her skirt up and positioned herself on top of his cock. “I want to see you pleasuring yourself.”

“Nnng…Haaah…” Hyukjae groaned as she let herself down on Donghae’s large cock. She was so wet and twitching.

“Babe, it feels so good and wet inside.” Donghae grabbed her breasts and gave them a hard squeeze.

“Haaah!” Hyukjae immediately started to bounce on his cock, pleasuring herself.

“That’s right, show me how much you want it.” Donghae sat still and let her do all the work.

“F-Fuck! Haah! It…feels so good!” She moaned and continued to bounce nonstop on his cock. Her sex was so wet it made his cock slide in and out easily.

“Ugh! Shit.” Donghae suddenly got up and wrapped his hands on her back so she wouldn’t fall.

"Nnng! Haae! F- fuck me! I- can’t…” Hyukjae tried to say something coherent as she closed her eyes and lost track of reality.

“That’s what I’m going to do.” He laid her on his desk and spread her legs wide open. “I’m going to fill you up like you want me to.” He said before brutally shoving his large cock into her.

“Haah! Oh god!” She held onto the side of the desk and Donghae started to fuck her hard.

Donghae licked his thumb and went for her clitoris. Hyukjae let out a long moan at the double sensation. “Bitch, you like it when I fill you up, don’t you?” He leaned down and sucked on her nipple.

“Oh my god! Hae! Hae! Hae!” She desperately grabbed onto his hair and threw her head back, she could feel her orgasm coming.

“Are you going to come?” He pressed his thumb harder on her clitoris and picked up speed. “Does it feel good when i'm inside?” He whipered, "You're mine." Donghae chuckled when Hyukjae nodded desperately and started panting.

“Hae! Haee!” She screamed as her orgasm hit her strongly. Her passage tightened and held onto Donghae’s cock.

“S-shit…So fucking tight.” Donghae put his hand on the desk for support and started to thrust faster. “God, it’s slippery wet.” He smirked and continued to circle her clitoris.

“Haaah! Haaah! Nggg!” She continued to moan endlessly as she recovered from her orgasm. “H-harder!”

Donghae slipped his hand behind her back and picked her up without losing contact. He groaned as he felt that she was getting wetter as he continued to fuck her.

“Ugh!” She groaned as her back hit the wall. She wrapped her legs around his hip and her hands around his neck. She smirked before whispering in his ear. “Fuck me hard, you beast.”

Donghae was more than glad to do so, but he felt like teasing her. This was punishment after all.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” He asked and pulled his cock out of her wet opening. “You should ask nicely.” He started rubbing his throbbing cock against her wet sex.

“Haaah! Haae! Stop teasing!” Hyukjae wasn’t in the mood for playing; She just wanted him to fuck her silly.

“Don’t complain and ask nicely.” He put his cock at her entrance and pushed a little.

“Haaah!” Hyukjae was more than ready to receive him again.

“But then again…Seeing you beg for it is such a turn on.” He looked at her suffering expression and chuckled. “Such a slut.” He whispered and shoved his cock in.

“H-harder!” She begged, her whole body was thinking of Donghae. She wanted him all over her.

Donghae fucked her against the wall, it was a hard thing for him, but it was still enjoyable.

“Nggg! Oooh!” She moaned as she felt his large cock slide in and come back out filling her completely. “H-Hae! M-make me come!” She pleaded.

“Babe, I want you to loose control.” Donghae lifted her off the wall, he took his cock out and walked to his desk again.

Hyukjae was confused and wanted him inside her again as soon as possible, she quickly followed him.

“Let me see your ass.” Donghae ordered.

Hyukjae quickly complied and laid on the desk using her hands for support. She showed him her perfectly round and delicious ass. Donghae growled and gave it a hard smack.

“I’ll make you come.” He said before sticking his cock inside her hot cavern again.

“Mmmmm! Please, make me come again!” She begged mercilessly.

Donghae fucked her fast and hard as he squeezed and smacked her ass until it turned bright red.

“Ooh! Ooh! Nnng!” She continued to fall into the deep pleasure. “Haae! I’m g-gonna!...Haah!” She tried saying something but it all turned into moans.

“F-fuck! M-me too.” He somehow understood her and grabbed one of her breasts and gave her nipple a hard pinch. “Touch yourself, make yourself come.” He ordered.

“Oooh! Hae! Hae! Hae!” She circled her clitoris and started to pant breathlessly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Donghae grunted before coming inside her with hard thrusts dumping all his cum inside her.

Hyukjae laid lifelessly after having a strong orgasm as Donghae continued to empty himself inside her.

Donghae laughed before pulling his spent member out and looked around for Hyukjae’s clothes. “I’m sorry, I think I over did it.” He apologized as he gave her clothes back.

Hyukjae giggled as she put her clothes back on. They cleaned up and left the place shining clean.

“I hope you behave next time I call for you.” Donghae said and gave her a sweet and gentle kiss. “Unless you’re some sort of masochist and like getting punishments.” He winked at her.

Hyukjae blushed and hit him lightly on the shoulder. She opened the door and was ready to leave when she suddenly saw all the coworkers staring at them with amazed faces at their desks.

“D-Donghae-ssi…” Hyukjae was frozen stiff.

“Yes?” Donghae stepped out of his office and quickly caught on.

They just had sex and the workers hadn’t left yet. They had heard all the moans, grunts and banging that they were making.

“Oh…my…god.” Hyukjae blushed and ran back into Donghae’s office hiding her face in shame.

Donghae laughed and cleared his throat.

“Uuuh…Yes. You didn’t hear or see anything that happened today. Whoever talks about this shall immediately be fired.” Donghae warned. “Anything else?”

One of the workers raised his hands. His name was Cho Kyuhyun.

“Sir, please get a sound proof room next time. I don’t want a fucking boner in the middle of work.” He words didn’t go with the smiled he wore on his face as he said that.

“Uh, yes. Anyone else have anything to say?”

Everyone went silent and continued to tap on their keyboards, as if nothing happened.

Donghae let out a sigh and went back to his office.

“Now, Lee Hyukjae…Should I punish you again for embarrassing your boss in front of others?” He smirked like a little devil. “But this time…Let’s try to keep it down.” He shut the door and walked up to her.

Working as the personal secretary wasn’t so bad. At least Hyukjae enjoyed it many, many, many ways.

a/n: I hope you don't mind that i turned Hyukkie into a hot girl. <3 o;
If i ever...get a hot boss like Donghae. I would love to go to work every single day.

Nerds turn me on;

Title: Nerds turn me on.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Explicit sexual content, Language, Smut, Sex.
Summary: Eunhyuk is the nerd in Donghae's class. But on the night of the ball, Eunhyuk gets a light makeover and attracts many peoples attention; Including Donghaes.

[“Who’s that hottie?”]“Who’s that hottie?”

“Is he new?”

“Oh my, look at that sizzling body.”

Eunhyuk hurried down the hall, it was all decorated with colorful balloons and banners. He was headed to the gym, where the Annual ball was taking place, and the girls would turn and look at him from head to toe; some would even bump into him and literally rape him with their eyes.

“Crap, crap, crap. Stop staring at me.” Eunhyuk mumbled as he picked up speed once he saw the entrance to the gym decorated with a big “ANNUAL BALL” In big red letters hanging from one side to the other.

The louder the music got when he got closer, the more nervous he felt. He had never tried to look nice or impress someone in his life. But, once he told his mother that there would be a ball, his mother got excided and fixed him as perfect as she could.

Eunhyuk pushed the door open and the music blasted into his ears. He looked around catching the attention of many; He slowly stepped inside looking around for his friend, Sungmin.


“Hey…Dude, isn’t that the nerdy gay guy in our class?” Kim Heechul said.

Now, this guy was someone you would not want to mess with; He had a deadly and seductive tongue that made girls line up for a turn to kiss him. He also had a pretty mysterious background. There are rumors going around saying that he’s some sort of gang leader, or that he works at some sort of club and gives his clients the “best night of their lives”. And to make it worse he was in Eunhyuk’s class.

“First of all, you’re bisexual so you can’t make fun of him; and who the hell are you talking about?”

“You dumb ass. As if you haven’t shoved your dick up another guy’s hole” Heechul smacked the others head. “Him!” he pointed at Eunhyuk as he walked up to Sungmin with a relieved expression.

“Oppa~ Do you know that guy? Can you introduce him to me?” The girl that was accompanying the other guy pleaded.

“Bitch, you want his cock now, huh?” The other guy barked and pushed her away. The poor girl stumbled back and almost fell, but luckily her friends were around and caught her just in time.

“Go beg for his cock, Slut.” The other guy was jealous of all the attention Eunhyuk was getting, he was known for being a player. He could get any girl or guy on his bed just by lifting his finger, and seeing Eunhyuk getting the attention he was supposed to get was not something that he liked.

“Did that bastard get surgery or something?” Heechul wondered.

“Idiot, it’s his glasses. He doesn’t have those ugly ass glasses with him.”  The other replied. “And of course the clothes”

“Tch. He’s getting all the girls.” Heechul complained as he watched a girl walked up to Eunhyuk.

“Fuck, that’s it.” The other charged towards Eunhyuk furiously. He was jealous of the girls, he wanted Eunhyuk for him only.


Eunhyuk rejected all the girls that asked him for a dance. He was here just because his friend, Sungmin, forced him to. He said that he needed to socialize and make more friends and all that crap.

He appreciated having Sungmin as his friend; Not many people talked to Eunhyuk since he was considered a “nerd”. But really, was being smart such a sin in here?

“Psst. Hyuk, Donghae is heading towards you.” Sungmin whispered and put down his drink on the table.

As Donghae crossed the room, people started whispering. The girls around Eunhyuk held their breaths and walked away silently.

“Be careful Eunhyuk, don’t make him mad.” Sungmin warned as he cleared his throat; the tension could be felt in the air.

“Hey! Eunhyuk, right?” Donghae smiled and held his hand out.

“H-hey…D-Donghae” Eunhyuk shook his hand nervously. Not only was he talking to Eunhyuk for the first time, but he was also attracted to him…Which was probably another reason why he didn’t have friends. He was gay, and people were homophobic around here.

“Wanna hang out outside?” Donghae offered and headed to the door. “Come on!” He waved at Eunhyuk.

“Eunhyuk, if anything happens call me.” Sungmin was worried, if someone offended Donghae in any way, the rest of your life would be hell.

“Don’t worry.” Eunhyuk reassured him. He could be a “nerd” to others, but behind all those books, he also worked out. It wouldn’t be that easy to take him down.


Donghae and Eunhyuk were outside of the gym, the night was pretty cold and windy. Loud music and chattering could be heard everywhere.

“So, having fun?” Donghae asked with a smile.

“Y-yeah…” Eunhyuk answered shyly.

Donghae sat down on the big rock and told Eunhyuk to sit next to him.

“So…who do you like Eunhyuk?” Donghae asked, he turned to face Eunhyuk and looked straight into his eyes.

Eunhyuk blushed and looked away.

“Come on! Tell me! I’ll help you.” Donghae shook Eunhyuk’s shoulder encouraging him.

“I-I like…”

Donghae nodded eagerly.

“Y-you.” Eunhyuk squeaked.

Donghae jaw slightly dropped, he froze. He didn’t expect that answer, he was sure it would be Sungmin since he was only one that treated him nicely.

Donghae suddenly stood up and startled Eunhyuk, he wondered if he had scared or even made Donghae feel disgusted.

“Stand up” Donghae ordered.


“I told you to stand up!” Eunhyuk quickly stood up.

“Say that again…” Donghae’s voice softened. “Tell me who you like”

Eunhyuk closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he was going to confess now. “I LIKE YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU!” Eunhyuk shouted with all his might.

Donghae smiled brightly and held his face, he also liked Eunhyuk, but was too “tough” too ask him out all this time.

“I’m glad that we share the same feelings.” He said and suddenly kissed Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk didn’t push him away; there was no way he would. Donghae deepened the kiss and pushed Eunhyuk to the tree near them.

“Ngg!” Eunyuk moaned once his back roughly hit the tree.

Donghae pushed Eunhyuk harder against the tree and bit his plump lips. He let out a moan, and started unbuttoning Donghae’s shirt.

Donghae let go of the lips and stared into his eyes. “We’re in…public.” he panted caressing Eunhyuk’s soft cheek.

“Haah…I don’t…care.” Eunhyuk slid his hands under Donghae’s dress shirt and started to feel his built body.

“Let’s go to my place. Now.” Donghae growled and dragged Eunhyuk to his car as fast as possible.

With every red light on the road, they kissed, touched and teased each other. Donghae was amazed at how naughty this “nerd” was.

“I…thought that…haaang…that you only liked g-girls.” Eunhyuk groaned as Donghae leaned over to his seat and sensually licked his neck before giving it a bite.

“Did I ever say that?” Donghae breathed against the other’s neck. Eunhyuk shivered and held onto his seat, he closed his eyes as Donghae whispered dirty things to him. But he was too distracted, his body felt like it was on fire, his hard on screaming to be released and all he could hear was “Fuck” “Cock” “Sexy” and “Hard”.

“Nnnngg!” Eunhyuk let out a loud moan once Donghae started rubbing his nipple through his shirt; it felt so delicious, so good.

Beep! Beeeeeeep!

“Fuck them” Donghae cursed as he got back to his seat and noticed that the light had turned green, he went as fast as he could.

“Nnng…Haaah…F-fuck!” Donghae turned only to catch Eunhyuk with his hand inside his pants.

“Shit…babe, hold on.” Donghae wanted to pull over to the side and just fuck Eunhyuk right there, but he knew that there wasn’t enough room, so he took a deep breath an tried to relax.

“Haae…Haae!”  Eunhyuk had his pants unbuttoned and open, both of his hands inside his boxers playing with his shaft stroking it fast. “Ooh! Fuuuck!” Eunhyuk’s back arched and came.

Donghae had to focus on the road, but with Eunhyuk masturbating next to him; It took all his willpower not to attack the other and just shove his dick in.

“Nng…are we there yet?” Eunhyuk whined as he took a hand out and licked his cum off.

“Bitch, why are you so naughty?” Donghae turned to Eunhyuk and licked his lips. “I’m going to punish you for teasing me.” He smirked.

“Oh, please do.” Eunhyuk smirked, “How are you going to punish me, sir?” Eunhyuk put two fingers on Donghae’s arm and started to “walk up”.

“You slut, I’ll fuck you so hard, you’ll be begging me to stop.”  Donghae was on the edge of losing control.

Eunhyuk giggled. Suddenly Donghae’s car came to a stop.

“We’re here” Donghae smirked before stepping out; he walked over to Eunhyuk’s door and opened it for him. “I hope your ass is ready.” he teased.


As soon as they were inside, Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae and kissed him fiercely, his hand ran through Donghae’s hair as he deepened the kiss. Donghae grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his hip. Both of them lost in the lust, they had both lost sanity.

Donghae walked to his couch and dropped Eunhyuk. Donghae hovered above him.

“ Haae…” Eunhyuk called him.

Donghae shifted his hardened shaft and brushed it against the other. They both sucked in a quick breath.

Eunhyuk wanted him; he pressed his member closer and pulled Donghae down, pressing him against his aching nipples.

“I never knew you were so naughty.” Donghae breathed.

“Really?” Eunhyuk rocked his hips and growled. “Why is that?”

Donghae pressed them even closer.

Eunhyuk threw his head back as Donghae slowly moved back and forth across his cock. His chest was aching; he wanted the other all over him. Donghae bent down and nuzzled his chest, warming the skin under the shirt.

Eunhyuk gasped when he felt Donghae’s tongue circle his hardened nipple through the shirt.


Donghae looked up but didn’t stop what he was doing. He held his gaze as his mouth closed over his nipple. Eunhyuk couldn’t look away; His eyes were hot with desire, hot for Donghae.

Donghae didn’t say a word, but moved from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment as the first. The wet fabric clung to his turgid nipple. Eunhyuk closed his eyes and moaned. Nothing in his life had felt so good, so right. Donghae’s hands slid down Eunhyuk’s back and cupped his ass. He pulled him closer, grinding his erection against him.

Oh god, every loving inch of Donghae’s shaft throbbed against Eunhyuk.

Donghae gently brushed away a few blonde hairs that were covering Eunhyuk’s eyes. “Tell me now, Eunhyuk. Are you sure you want this?” His normally soft voice deepened. “You and I both know that this isn’t a good idea. But, God help me, I don’t think I can stop.” He groaned.

“I have wanted you ever since I saw you, ever since we kissed, although I’m not sure of this. But, if you don’t fucking touch my skin in the next minute, I think I’ll die.” Eunhyuk blurted out.

Donghae groaned, the sound full of irritation and acceptance.

Eunhyuk pushed his aching shaft against Donghae’s hardened cock. His pulse accelerated as he let the lust take over.

The sound of a zipper sliding down aroused Eunhyuk even more. He wanted this, now.

“Haang…” Eunhyuk moaned when he saw Donghae rub his cock that was hidden away under his boxers.

Donghae’s chocolate eyes turned hard and his jaw flexed. “Hyukie, there’s no turning back now.” He leaned down and licked Eunhyuk’s ear.

“Haah…I know.” Eunhyuk nodded.

“There’s no way I’ll stop…I can feel your lust.” He slowly unbuttoned the others shirt as he sensually whispered in his ear.

“You want me, baby.”  He said as he slowly took Eunhyuk’s pants off. “Hell, I can smell your arousal.”

“Haae…P-please.” Eunhyuk’s body was on fire, he needed Donghae to touch him, to fill him up.

Donghae slid the other’s boxers off and got up. Eunhyuk’s eyes followed him.

“Baby…this guy is screaming to get inside you.” Eunhyuk watched Donghae release his cock from his boxers and let out a soft moan. Donghae was bigger than average, just as he had predicted.

Donghae stroked himself, from the base up to the engorged head. Eunhyuk wanted to put his mouth there. He wanted to suck him dry and have him come in his mouth. The image that thought produced had him pushing himself up on his elbows.

“Easy there.” Donghae gently stayed him with his other hand as he continued to stroke his cock. Eunhyuk licked his lips.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m about to come just from your moans.” Donghae slowly crawled his way up to Eunhyuk’s lips as his other hand continued to stroke himself.

“Haaah…Then f-fuck me.” Eunhyuk’s penis was hard and the head rubbed against Donghae’s body as he moved up.

“Baby…I’ll lose all control.” Donghae whispered before giving the other a kiss.

“But losing control is fun” Eunhyuk pouted.

Donghae smiled, but said nothing and continued to kiss him.

“Oh, Jesus, Eunhyuk.” He kissed his neck, his nipple, and then moved to his mouth again. Eunhyuk opened for him and his tongue fucked his mouth, moving in and out as he slid his dick against his ass. With each upstroke, he rubbed the head of his cock near his entrance.

Donghae continued to assault on his mouth, he pinched first one nipple, then the other. The delicious pain heightened Eunhyuk’s arousal and he sobbed.

“Please, Donghae, Now. I-I need your cock inside me” Eunhyuk whimpered.

Every nerve screamed in need for sex. If Donghae didn’t fill him up now, he’d scream.

He didn’t have to wait. Donghae guided his cock into his slick channel. His inner muscles clasped him tight as he pushed further, groaning the whole way.

“F- fuck! Nnng…” Eunhyuk digged his nails on Donghae’s back.

“Oh god, You’re so tight and twitching for me.” Donghae lifted his legs over his shoulder, tightening his hold on his cock. He slowly pulled out, and then pushed back in, to the hilt.

“Haaaaah! Nnng…It’s so…b-big” Eunhyuk moaned, He could feel Donghae stretch him.

“Fuck…Hae!” Eunhyuk wanted to be fucked hard and fast. But Donghae had put him in a position where he retained control, where he picked the rhythm.

“Hae, harder!”

Donghae chuckled. “Babe, I’m going to fuck you like you need to be fucked.” He held his face with one hand and licked his cheek.

“Nnng…Haaah…But, Fuck!” Eunhyuk cursed when Donghae hit his prostate.

“I want to make sure you can’t control yourself. I want you screaming my name when you come.” Donghae whispered staring into his eyes full of lust.

Irritation had lifted Eunhyuk to his elbows, but Donghae pushed him down. His hands stayed on his shoulders, pressing him on the couch.

“You asked to be fucked, Eunhyuk, and you are.” He slowly shoved his dick in hard. “You are going to take my dick the way I want you to.” He whispered hotly against his ear.

“Nnnnng…” Eunhyuk’s dick leaked of precum. “Haaaaah…” The harsh words should have scared him, or at least angered him. But another wave of lust came. Never in his life had he been this turned on.

“Touch your nipples, Eunhyuk.” He reacted to the command immediately. Eunhyuk circled his nipples with his fingers. “No, slut. Pinch them.” He did. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Haaaah! Haaaah! Nnng!” Eunhyuk nodded as he pinched them again, sending another rush of electricity through him. Donghae’s thrusts were increasing in speed.

“I want to see you come, Eunhyuk. I want to feel you clenching my cock as you scream my name.” Donghae licked his neck and sucked on it, leaving a mark.

“Fuck! Fuck! Hae! Hae!” His harsh words sent him over the edge as he came hard on both of them.

“That’s it, baby. Yeah, that’s it.”

“Hae!” He thrust harder and faster. The coil drew tighter, then burst as his orgasm ripped through him.

“Aaah, Fuck! Eunhyuk!” Donghae grunted and he gripped onto Eunhyuk’s legs and fucked his tight hole as hard as he could.

“Oh god! Haaaah! haaaah!” Eunhyuk’s eyes rolled back, Donghae was hitting his prostate with every harsh thrust.

“Fuck! Yees!” Donghae was near. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he tried to thrust as deep as he could.

“Haaaaah! Haaaaah…haaah…” Eunhyuk had his mouth slightly open with only moans escaping from it.

“Hyukie!” Donghae thrust hard, once more. He exploded as he shouted his name again.

“Ooooh…” Eunhyuk arched his back as he felt Donghae’s warm cum fill him inside. “Haae…”

Donghae was panting as he gently released his legs from his shoulders; Eunhyuk had his eyes closed and was panting for air. Donghae smiled and gave the other a kiss on the cheek.

Every muscle in Donghae’s body relaxed as he got up and lifted Eunhyuk from the sofa. He took a deep breath. The musky scent of sex hung in the air. He moved Eunhyuk to the bed in the room.

“Such a beast.” Eunhyuk said in a husky voice.

“I didn’t know that nerds were such a cock lover?” Donghae teased then settled himself next to Eunhyuk on the bed.

“Smart people also need to mate you know.” Eunhyuk stated and stuck his tongue out.

“Mate?” Donghae was awed by the word he had chosen.

“Okay, fine, reproduce.”

Donghae laughed. “Sex, baby. It’s called, hard and rough sex.” Donghae winked at Eunhyuk.

He blushed and looked at the clock. “It’s 12 A.M, time to sleep.” He turned to the other side and pulled the cover over him.

“What?” Donghae was dumbfounded.

“It is said that skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night. It almost doubles, peeking between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM” He mumbled.

Donghae snorted. “Thank’s for the note.” He said and shifted. “Good night, my love.”

Eunhyuk blushed. “I-I Love you.” He whispered and quickly pretended to sleep.

Donghae smiled like a dork.


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[Sequel; Part b] After- Dance Practice;

Title: After- Dance Practice.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Explicit sexual content, Language, Smut, Sex.
Summary: After a very busy day, Eunhyuk goes to Donghae's house to "relax." But, as always, they end up doing other things :D.
Notes: This is Part B of the sequel of Dance practice Room (SMUT);

Original- Dance Practice Room
Sequel -
Part A


"H- Haae" Eunhyuk flinched as Donghae added more force.

"Nnnng... Not there! Aaah..."

"Baby, Quit moaning so loudly." Donghae looked at his lover laughing.

"Bu- But it hurts...Haah! haah!"

"I warned you before, remember?" Donghae smirked and continued to touch Eunhyuk's sensitive spots.

"Gaah! Haae...stop..." Eunhyuk begged.

"This will be over soon." Donghae shifted to a more comfortable position.

"Stop...Ah! No!" Eunhyuk struggled trying to get free.

"You are making this hard for both of us." Now it was Donghae's turn to complain.

"But it hurts...Aaah!" Eunhyuk couldn't take it anymore.

Eunhyuk was laying on the bed with Donghae in front of him holding his leg up. Eunhyuk had never experienced so much pain before and it was torturing him.

"S-stop! more..." Eunhyuk was on the edge of crying. "Stop...I SAID TO FUCKING STOP!" Eunhyuk kicked Donghae on the chin which made him fall on his back on the bed groaning.

"H-Hae!" Eunhyuk screamed as he quickly got up and crawled to Donghae's side.

" need to kick me." Donghae held a painful expression as he rubbed his now reddened chin.

"But... you were hurting me so much!" Eunhyuk pouted trying to come up with an excuse.

"Lee Hyukjae, i am going to rape your butt until you regret this." Donghae glared at Eunhyuk. He knew he was in trouble when Donghae said his real name instead of his nick/stage name.

Eunhyuk gulped.

Man, being a choreographer and dance instructor was hard.

After a long day of dance practice with Super Junior for their new song Mr. Simple and giving late night dance classes. Eunhyuk was exhausted and had asked his boyfriend, Donghae, to give him a foot massage. He didn't expect it to hurt so much; Either Eunhyuk was weak or Donghae was being evil and was making him moan and groan on purpose. We all know that Donghae loves hearing Eunhyuk's voice, especially his moans.

After a few minutes of seeing Eunhyuk begging for forgiveness, pouting and acting cute. Donghae suddenly sat up.

"Moan for me." He suddenly said.

"Huh?" Eunhyuk was more than confused.

"Moan. for. me." Donghae smirked and leaned closer to Eunhyuk's ear. "Turn me on." he whispered.

"W-why? What's wrong with you?" Eunhyuk blushed at what Donghae had requested.

"Don't you want me to forgive you?"

"Ah...That..." Eunhyuk wasn't sure whether this was a good deal or not.

"Come on, let me hear those sexy moans that you make." Donghae licked and left a small, faint trail of saliva on Eunhyuk's neck.

"Haaaaah..." Eunhyuk shivered.

"That's it..." Donghae slowly pushed Eunhyuk back down on the bed, "Turn me on...Make me rock hard." He said as he took Eunhyuk's shirt off and kissed everywhere.

"Nnnnng...Haae..." Eunhyuk let out a lewd moan.

"Fuck." Donghae could feel his member twitch just from looking at Eunhyuk's sexy expression. Half lid eyes, glossed lips from licking them and those sinful sounds he was making.

"Hae, come..." Eunhyuk invited him with open arms.

Donghae slowly leaned down and smelled Eunhyuk's strawberry scented hair and skin. They both hugged tightly, neither of them moving or saying a thing. They stayed like this for a few seconds.

"I love you so so so so much." Donghae tried to express what he felt the best way he could. He lifted himself up and used his hands that were on each side of Eunhyuk's face for support.

"What would happen if i didn't met you?" He said and gave Eunhyuk's nipple a playful lick.

"Nnnng...You...Wouldn't Haaaah...have me as your l-lover." Eunhyuk tried to not moan and answer.

Donghae chuckled and ripped Eunhyuk's pants off. How? Only the sex beast Donghae would know the technique.

Donghae leaned down and breathed over Eunhyuk's member, slowly putting it in his mouth.

"Gaaah! Haaae..." Donghae was driving him crazy as he was sucking Eunhyuk hard, using his teeth to slightly scrape the skin and swirling his tongue around the tip.

"F-Fuuuck! Hae! Hae!" Eunhyuk arched his back, he felt like everything was being sucked out of him. Donghae smirked and sucked even harder and faster.

"Haaaae! Shit! Haaaah...Nnng!" Donghae let go just before Eunhyuk came, he spilled his seed all over Donghae's chest and some got on his face.

"Came already...So naughty." Donghae used his thumb to wipe the little cum on his face and licked it in a slow sexy way. As if he were seducing Eunhyuk.

"Haah...M-make me cum again!" Eunhyuk begged as he started to stroke himself making all sorts of sounds.

Donghae was as horny as fuck. He didn't even care about taking his clothes off.

"Keep moaning." He commanded as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down.

"Mmmah! Donghae...Haaah...Oooh shit...H-Hurry..." Eunhyuk started to pump even faster and started saying incoherent things, all he wanted was release.

"I love it when you moan my name."  Donghae revealed his hard and stiff cock and he took Eunhyuk's hand away from his member.

"Hnggg... Ng- Haeee...." Eunhyuk started to wiggle and thrust the air, hoping to find some sort of pleasure.

Donghae put their cocks together and started to rub them, creating some sweet, delicious friction.

"Haaaah!" Eunhyuk moaned like there was no tomorrow. All he could think of, see, smell, feel, and hear was Donghae, and nothing else.

Donghae moved his away and suddenly rammed his cock up Eunhyuk's hole.

"Hae! Shit!" Eunhyuk held onto Donghae as he was fucking his insides, hitting his prostate so hard which made him loose control.

"Shit. Why are you so fuckable?!" Donghae was frustrated, he wanted to fuck Eunhyuk harder and faster.

"Haaaah!....haaaa!...Oooh..." Eunhyuk was a moaning mess, he just laid on the bed, mouth open moaning with no control of his body.

Donghae let out a growl and bit Eunhyuk's shoulder, not too hard, but hard enough to make Eunhyuk feel pain.

"Shit! Haae haee!" Grabbing onto the bed sheets, Eunhyuk arched his back giving Donghae more room.

"Fuuuck! I can't stop...Shit!" Donghae grunted, it was like his body was moving on its own. It was as if it wasn't only his heart and mind that loved Eunhyuk, but also his body.

"Uuuugh! Mmmhaah! Oooh...Fuck!" Eunhyuk came all over their abs, his back touched the mattress again.

"Shit...shit...shit..." Donghae closed his eyes and fucked Eunhyuk as hard as possible.

"Haaaah..." Eunhyuk was tired and spent. He had nowhere near as much stamina as Donghae had. This was insane.

"Fuck! Eunhyuk!" Donghae thrusted once more and spilled his seeds all the way inside Eunhyuk. He felt the hot liquid filling him, making him have the strangest feeling. He felt like he had marked Eunhyuk as his. No one could snatch him away.

Donghae pulled out and gave the tired and smiling Eunhyuk a kiss.


"Why do you always tell me what to do?" Eunhyuk pouted.

"Because...I can." Donghae pinched Eunhyuk's nose and pulled the covers over both on them.

"Hae...Thank you for being with me. For loving me." Eunhyuk snuggled next Donghae's chest and closed his eyes, ready to go to dreamland.

Donghae nodded and smiled, even if Eunhyuk didn't see it because he was already sleeping soundly.

"I love you, and will keep loving you." Donghae settled into a comfortable position and went to sleep.


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[Sequel; Part a] After- Dance Practice Room;

Title: After- Dance Practice Room.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, Fluff?
Warning: Language and mentions sexual situations. Will make you feel mushy<3
Summary: After waking up in Donghae's room. Donghae suddenly acts different making Eunhyuk's heart beat fast. (lame)
Disclaimer: I only own the storyplot. Super Junior and the members belong to themselves and SM.
Notes: This is the Sequel of Dance Practice Room; (SMUT); However, this part focuses more on the development of the emotional relationship between Hae & Hyuk.

[Eunhyuk woke up and blinked a few times before trying to understand the current situation. All he could remember was having sex with this stranger at the dance academy and…shit…how did that happen anyways?]Eunhyuk woke up and blinked a few times before trying to understand the current situation. All he could remember was having sex with this stranger at the dance academy and…shit…how did that happen anyways?

He was now somewhere in a different room. Someone else’s room. The walls were painted white, surrounded with brown modern furniture. Eunhyuk was on top of a huge, soft and comfortable bed. Wait, what?

Eunhyuk quickly sat up once he knew what was going on. This had to be Donghae’s house, there was no doubt. He was in Donghae’s room, on his bed, and the smell of his cologne in the air was so refreshing. It was the aroma you get when you go out early to the beach and breathe in the fresh air; it wasn’t the smell of fish, it was the smell of the deep blue sea…So manly.

Suddenly, there was the sound of steps coming down the hallway, “I see you finally woke up.”

Eunhyuk turned to the door and found Donghae smiling brightly with only a towel on his hips. He had just taken a shower and the water was dripping from his wet hair.

“Morning, sleepy head.” Donghae sticked his tongue out teasing Eunhyuk and walked inside.

Eunhyuk remained silent and watched Donghae’s every movement carefully. He had no idea who this guy was, he didn’t care if they had sex or not. They only knew each others name and have seen each other naked. They knew each others most basic and most intimate body parts. That was all.

“Talk.” Donghae said as he walked over to his closet and picked out the most comfortable clothes available, a white loose shirt and black pants.

Eunhyuk glanced at the clock on top of the nightstand.

“It’s 3 AM…” Eunhyuk murmured to himself.

“It’s morning to me, and didn’t ask for the time. Tell me something about yourself.” Donghae fixed his clothes in front of the mirror before walking to the sofa in front on the bed. He looked at Eunhyuk and chuckled before finally sitting down and crossing his legs.

Eunhyuk couldn’t believe what was going on. This guy was ordering him around, and he was actually slightly obeying.

“My name is Eunhyuk.”

“I know that, and you also love my cock. Now tell me something new.” Donghae smirked and traced his bottom lip with his thumb while looking at the now shocked and blushing Eunhyuk.

“Excuse me?” Eunhyuk couldn’t believe this jerk. Seriously, who the fuck was he?

“You are excused.”

“..…” Eunhyuk really wanted to punch this guy so badly…if only his back wasn’t aching so much.

Donghae left he room briefly and Eunhyuk took this chance to look for a way to escape from this unknown place. When heard to what seemed like Donghae leaving the house, he rapidly got out of bed and rushed to the living room, reaching for the front door.

“Get you ass back to bed, now.”

Eunhyuk turned around only to find Donghae outside of what seemed to be the bathroom. He was holding a bag of ice and a IcyHot patch, looking slightly upset.

Eunhyuk immediately froze and dropped to his knees. The back pain took over again as his determination of escaping disappeared.

Donghae came up to him and carried him bridal style, this really embarrassed Eunhyuk and he couldn’t help but blush and hide his face on Donghae’s broad chest.

Once they were back inside the room, Donghae slowly put Eunhyuk facedown on the bed. The right side sank down as Donghae sat beside him.

“Why must you struggle so much?” Donghae said slightly lifting Eunhyuk’s shirt and giving it a few soft rubs.

“S- stop…no more…I’m still sore.” Eunhyuk buried his face on the pillow. Was he thinking that Donghae was going to fuck him again?

Donghae chuckled. “Still thinking about how we fucked a few hours ago? How kinky of you.” He said and carefully put the bag of ice on Eunhyuk’s back.

Eunhyuk jumped when he felt the cold ice touch his sore back. Why were Donghae’s words so harsh and his actions so kind and gentle? How did this all even happen?

“Why…were you at the dance studio sleeping?” Eunhyuk asked looking at Donghae’s soft expression as he took care of him.

Donghae laughed a bit before lifting the ice bag and placing a small kiss on Eunhyuk’s back.

“I was tired and just got off after spending one whole day at work, I walked by the academy and saw that you just opened and there were a lot of people going inside…” Donghae explained as he peeled the seal of the IcyHot patch and placed it on Eunhyuk’s back.

“…” Eunhyuk stared at him in disbelief. Donghae just walked inside, dropped dead on the floor and slept without him noticing? He was actually thinking of hiring a security guard now. Well, he needed one anyways. There were more signs of fangirls nowadays.

“I…” Donghae let out a chuckle. “I was also attracted to you.” He confessed and blushed a little.

Eunhyuk quickly turned his head to the other side and bit his lips. Why was Donghae acting so cute? He liked this Donghae way more than the snarky version of him.

“That doesn’t mean that you could rape me.” Eunhyuk pouted as he turned around and sat up looking at Donghae.

“Shit, why are you so freaken cute?” Donghae mumbled as he gently grabbed Eunhyuk’s face with both of his hands.

“Wh- what are you doing?”

“...” Donghae leaned in and touched Eunhyuk’s lips with his. “I’m kissing you, dumbass.” He said and smiled sweetly.

Eunhyuk knew that he was falling in love with Donghae; he knew that this was just the beginning of an untold story.

“Why are you kissing me?” Eunhyuk whispered as Donghae came closer for another kiss.

“Because…” They shared a simple yet meaningful kiss. “I can…and I want to.” Donghae broke the kiss only to plant one on Eunhyuk’s eyelid.

“I promise to never make you cry.” He placed a kiss on Eunhyuk’s ear. “I promise to never make you hear words you don’t want to listen.” Lastly he returned to Eunhyuk’s lips and gave him the last kiss. “And finally, I promise to treasure and love you.”

Eunhyuk felt like melting and dying right there. Was this the same guy? Was this the sex beast from before? Eunhyuk was so confused right now. His heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to burst.

“Well…you aren’t that bad…” Eunhyuk smiled at Donghae hinting him that he was willing to give this a try.

“You do know that I like sex. A lot…Right?” Donghae blurted out.

“Huh?” Eunhyuk froze. The whole romantic and sweet feeling was replaced with curiosity yet fear. “Sex?”

I can dance as well as I can make you orgasm.” Donghae bragged and smirked at Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk’s instincts reacted and he backed away, but Donghae’s reaction was faster. He grabbed Eunhyuk’s arms and pushed the other down on the bed.

“Let’s have sexy time now, shall we?”



I hope i didn't disappoint those who thought that this part was going to be a smut </3 D:

i actually decided to make this have a few parts. And i decided to make this part have some sort of "story"; Besides, i needed to actually show some emotional development to make this more "real?".
P.S. Next part will be smutsmutsmut.

Dance Practice Room;

Title: Dance Practice Room.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Language, Explicit sex. Smut... Mirror...Hae...Hyuk... -smirks-
Summary: Eunhyuk is a dance teacher and choreographer for a group called Super Junior. Then, one day, when he was about to close the academy, He found this man sleeping on the floor...and this man somehow seduced Eunhyuk. (FAIL.LOL)
Notes: 2nd Smut; Might have some mistakes<3
Disclaimer: I only own the storyplot. Super Junior and the members belong to themselves and SM. -sigh-

[“Okay, One, two, turn, slide and… end!” Eunhyuk showed the class the choreography of a very popular k-pop group called Super Junior.]
“Okay, One, two, turn, slide and… end!” Eunhyuk showed the class the choreography of a very popular k-pop group called Super Junior.

“Time’s up guys! See you next class!” Eunhyuk smiled at everyone and turned the music off. He took off this sweat covered tank top and flashed his perfectly toned abs and put on a fresh, clean sapphire blue t-shirt.

Ever since he was hired as the choreographer of Super Junior, his classes became even more popular. Girls looked for his name on the internet and took interest as he was just as handsome and hot as the SJ members.

“Girls, you have to leave now, class is over.” Eunhyuk said in a serious tone of voice. The girls who left behind understood the message and left even if they didn’t want to.

When Eunhyuk went over to the switch to turn off the lights he heard a groan. Startled, he turned them back on and looked around ready to fight if it was some sort of thief. But instead, he found a stranger lying on the floor next to the large mirror/wall in the practice room.

Eunhyuk slowly walked up to him as quiet as he could. Why didn’t he notice him before? Maybe someone did talk to him about this and he just ignored it. “Think, Eunhyuk…Where have you seen him before?” And then a random flash back came to him.


“Eunhyuk ssi, there is a guy sleeping on the floor.” The small female student told him and pointed at the guy on the floor.

“Tch…just let him be; Come on class, from the beginning” Eunhyuk clapped his hands telling everyone to get ready.


So, someone did notice him before…

Eunhyuk got down cautiously and poked him a few times.


“Hey…WAKE UP!” Eunhyuk shouted slightly pissed.

“Huh- Wha- Mom?” The guy woke up from his slumber confused and dazed.

“We’re closing now. Get your butt back home, and this is a place where people learn to dance, we don’t want lazy asses here.” Eunhyuk helped the man back up and pointed to the door hinting him to leave so he could get back home and finally have some rest.

“Who are you?” The stranger asked.

Eunhyuk didn’t know how to react. Who was this guy? Was he drunk?

But… good lord, he was beautiful. His face was so handsome; he had to blink a couple of times. His thin perfect lips were captivating. His hair was thick and sort of wavy. His body was spectacular, big boned. He was thickly muscled and those arms... they would make anyone feel secure when embraced.

“I believe I asked you who you were…I’m not going to hurt you.” The man softened his voice and reassured.

“…Eunhyuk…now leave.” He said and grabbed his arm and attempted to pull him out. But, the stranger only moved a few steps.

“I’m sorry?” The stranger looked at him with a serious tone.

“Eunhyuk.” He repeated the second time.

The stranger stopped breathing. His heart skipped a beat and slowed.

“Say that again.” He whispered.

“My fucking name is Eunhyuk; I’m the owner of this dance academy. I want you to leave, now.” Eunhyuk was pissed now. This was getting nowhere.

“I’m Donghae, now say that again.” He said and moved closer to Eunhyuk.

“What the fuck man…leave already.” Eunhyuk backed away, but he was getting closer to the mirror.

Donghae shivered, a balmy rush blooming out all over his skin. The musical lift of this voice, the rhythm of his speech, the sound of his words, it all spread through him; So calming and soothing.

Donghae closed his eyes. “Say something else.

“Wh- what?” Eunhyuk’s voice softened. His back touched the mirror, he had nowhere else to go now and this man seemed much stronger than him.

He opened his eyes, “Talk. Talk to me. I want to hear your voice again.” Donghae said staring deeply into the others eyes.

“Do…you need a doctor?” Eunhyuk was pretty much saying anything. He was confused and was lost in the stare of Donghae’s eyes.

Fuck, Eunhyuk’s voice was such a turn on. Donghae’s inner beast woke up once he had heard Eunhyuk talk. He wanted to fuck him so badly.

“More.” Donghae whispered closing the space between the bodies. His face got near the other and he put his hand on his hips.

Eunhyuk started to struggle. “You are crowding me.”

“I know. Talk.

“Oh, for God’s sake, what do you fucking want me to say?”

“Anything.” The other breathed.

“Let me go first or I’ll knee you where it hurts” Eunhyuk warned.

Donghae laughed. Then, he sank his lower body onto him, trapping him with his thighs and hips.


Eunhyuk was annoyed now. “Eer…I have nothing to say except. Get off me.”

“Then say that.” Donghae was totally lost in Eunhyuks voice. It calmed him; it washed away all his stress.


Eunhyuk fought against him and created sweet friction against their bodies. Donghae knew when Eunhyuk’s irritation turned into something else. Into something hot.

Donghae got as hard as a rock.

He moved closer to the other’s lips that were panting, tired of all the struggling, and kissed them lightly. Eunhyuk stiffened.

“Are you a virgin?” Donghae whispered and moved closer to his ears. “Are you?”

Eunhyuk arched his back. Dammit, he was getting turned on, he felt weird, weak and hot all over. “Wha- what sort of question is that?” he stuttered.

“Have you ever been taken by a male? Answer the question.” His head came down and his lips brushed the side of Eunhyuk’s neck.

Eunhyuk shivered. “Ye- Yes.” he answered shyly.

“I want to fuck you.” Donghae said giving him another light kiss. He was somewhat relieved that he didn’t have to go easy on him.

“Haaah…” Eunhyuk breathed out a moan, he was getting hard. “You…let me go."

Donghae slid his hand inside the t-shirt and slowly worked his way up. Eunhyuk’s skin was soft and burning under his touch. “Are you sure?”

“Y-Yes…Haah! Nnng!” Eunhyuk let out a loud moan when Donghae pinched his right nipple.

“I think your body wants me to touch it…” He said and started to take Eunhyuk’s shirt off. To his surprise, the other lifted his arms up voluntarily.

“I could do so many things with you in this place…” Donghae said in the most sensual voice ever and started to unbutton Eunhyuk’s pants looking at his half lidded eyes full of lust.

“There are so many ways I could make you scream, moan and orgasm.” He said and turned Eunhyuk around. He put his arms on the mirror for support as Donghae started to feel his ass.

“Haaaah…haaaah…” Eunhyuk panted and the mirror started to turn foggy from his heavy breathing.

“Baby…my cock is aching to get inside you.” Donghae said and put his hips on Eunhyuk’s ass and started to thrust up. “Do you feel my cock wanting you?”

“Nngg…Please…” Eunhyuk could feel it moving against his ass, it was so big and alive. “Haaah…fuck…Nnng…” He could feel precome coming out of his excited member.

The other one chuckled and started to take his shirt off, revealing his toned body. Eunhyuk could see the reflection of it on the mirror and knew that he was really close to release.

Donghae leaned closer to Eunhyuk’s ear, “I’ll shove my cock up you ass so deep and good…and you’ll see yourself getting stuffed.” he whispered and slid Eunhyuks pants and boxers off.

“Nnng…haah…Hurry…” Eunhyuk cried. He had no more self-control. He just wanted to get fucked.

“Such a good ass…” Donghae smacked it a few times; they were both so horny right now.

“Haah! Haah! Yes! Harder…” Eunhyuk moaned each time Donghae smacked his ass. He liked the way Donghae was treating him.

“Fuck.” Donghae swiftly pushed his pants and boxers down and held his big cock in his hand. “I’m gonna push this inside you and make you scream my name.” He said and put his cock at Eunhyuks entrance.

“Haaaaaah…so big…Ngg…I haah want…Haah! It inside…” Eunhyuk begged as Donghae teased him by sliding his cock up and down between his ass.

Inside? Donghae stopped once he reached the entrance. “Like…this?” He started to push inside without a warning.

“Fuuuck…Haaaah!” Eunhyuk was screaming, even people on the streets could have heard him.

Once inside Eunhyuk's warm hole, Donghae started to thrust at a fast speed without even waiting for him to adjust.

“Fuck! Haaaah! Ooooh! Haaah…Donghaae…Haah! Haaah!”

“Say my name over and over again.” Donghae ordered and went for Eunhyuk’s nipples.

“Nnng…yes! Haah! Fuck! Haarder..haaaaah…” Eunhyuk begged when suddenly Donghae lifted his legs up and Eunhyuk had to put his hand on the mirror for support.

“Look at my cock going in and out of your fuckable hole.Donghae whispered against his ear and they both watched the reflection of him fucking Eunhyuk.

“Haaaaah… Haaaah! Shit!” Eunhyuk closed his eyes and came all over the mirror.

“Uuugh.” Donghae was grunting as he pulled Eunhyuk all the way up until only his head was inside and thrusted deep and hard as he pulled him back down.

“Haaaah! Haah! Yes! Donghaaae…” Eunhyuk moaned and looked at himself on the mirror.

“Yes, that’s right baby…Now, pinch your dirty, erect nipples.”

“Haaah nggg… Hae, hae, hae, hae!” Donghae put Eunhyuks legs back down and fucked him faster.

“Baby, you feel so hot inside.” He said and pushed and deep as he could, making Eunhyuk move forward and be trapped between the mirror and Donghae.

“I could fuck you all night long, I want to make your whole body scream.” He started to fuck Eunhyuk so hard that the slapping of their skin was echoing.

“Hae..Haeee…I- come! Haaah! Again!” Eunhyuk came all over the mirror again.

“Fuuuck! Baby, that’s right. You can orgasm again and again.” Donghae whispered and kissed his neck. “Fuck…Ugh… Let’s just cover this mirror with our cum over and over again.”

“Uuuugh…Haae…hae..hae…” All Eunhyuk could say now was repeat Donghae’s name in a low tone.

Donghae lifted one of Eunhyuks legs and started hitting Eunhyuk’s prostate in the exact place.

“HAAAH… HAAEE…HAEE…HAAAAH! NNNG!” Eunhyuk was being shoved so hard and was screaming.

“Fuck! Yes! Yes!” Donghae picked up speed. “Fuuuck!” he brutally pushed deep inside and came.

“Haaaaah!” Eunhyuk’s eyes rolled back and came for the third time, his legs gave in and he lost all his strength.

Donghae caught Eunhyuk as his legs also gave in. He smiled when he saw that Eunhyuk had immediately gone to sleep after he came.

“Best. Sex. Ever.” He said and gave the other a peck.

He got both of them dressed, closed the doors and carried the other to his car. Donghae carefully put Eunhyuk on the back seat and stared at his beautifulness; He was perfect.

As he drove back to his home, he kept checking the back seat with his rear mirror, wondering if Eunhyuk was a dream. Eunhyuk was his tonight.

Donghae would definitely go back to dance class. Not just for Eunhyuk…But to also show him his dancing skills. Donghae was not a lazy ass when it came to dancing…and of course sex.

One hell of a crazy night;

Title: One hell of a crazy night
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Possessive!Hae; Slutty!Hyuk;  explicit!Smut
Summary: Eunhyuk goes to a bar and meets Donghae...And things; This is smut dammit!
Notes: Not a pro at this; But give it a try!

[It had been a crazy night; Eunhyuk had gone to the club and met some random handsome guy. Heck, it was probably the hottest guy he’ll ever meet in his life.]It had been a crazy night; Eunhyuk had gone to the club and met some random handsome guy. Heck, it was probably the hottest guy he’ll ever meet in his life.

That night, Eunhyuk was sitting by the bar with a shot of vodka looking around checking out girls with short dresses, killer heels and all those sexy things. He looked over to the dance floor and noticed that all the good looking girls where all there, his curiosity sprang to life as he shifted a little so he could get a better view at what had gotten all the ladies attention.

Man, Eunhyuk swore that even a straight man like him would fall for that guy. Messy wavy chocolate brown hair, red checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled at his elbows, black tight pants…Shit, was he actually checking him out? Yes, that guy had caught his attention. He liked the way he danced around, his smooth moves, the way he bit his lips when he smiled, and the way he sticked out his tongue teasing the girls on the dance floor . Eunhyuk always liked confident guys…Well, not really like… But you get the point.

Eunhyuk shook his head in disbelief; he thought that he had gone gay for that guy. He turned around and decided to look at the sexy female bartender, she was showing some cleavage and was bigger than average girls, besides Eunhyuk was pretty sure that she was interested in him, the way she swayed as she walked towards him totally said "let’s go to the bathroom and have some rough sex." Too bad Eunhyuk didn’t come for sex this time; he was just tired of the same routine and just wanted to chill.

“I want a shot of what he has”

Eunhyuk turned around and was surprised at who it was. The hot guy that was at the dance floor wooing all those girls was now sitting next to him.

“Donghae. Lee Donghae” He said and smiled.

What the hell was going on? Why was this guy even talking to him? He had almost all the girls at his feet and here he was, sitting next to him trying to start up some sort of conversation.

“Eunhyuk” He said trying to sound calm.

Shit, this was wrong. Even if that guy had a muscular body, his face gave off a calm and relaxed feeling. Eunhyuk was in deep trouble, he was almost sure that the more he looked at Donghae, the more he was…falling in love?

The night went on with pointless conversations between Eunhyuk and the guy he had just met; more drinks were on the table, but they mostly belonged to Eunhyuk. He had been dinking so much. He had to distract himself from looking at Donghae and drinking was his only escape.

“Man…You’re getting drunk” Donghae said staring at the empty glasses on the table.

“I…no…home...Aah...” Eunhyuk mumbled with his head rested on his arms on top of the table.

Donghae was too nice to leave Eunhyuk laying around at the club. Seriously, all sorts of things could happen to him. He could be robbed or could fall down off the chair…Hell, he could even be kidnapped and get raped by those girls.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you home” Donghae said finally…And that’s where things got pretty crazy.

After a 10 minute drive, they had both finally arrived at Eunhyuk’s house. It seemed like a pretty big and decent place. After struggling and trying to open the front door without dropping the drunk Eunhyuk on the floor, Donghae finally got in; He dragged Eunhyuk along the house looking for the bedroom and laid him on the bed.

This is where things got hot…

As Donghae leaned down to put the other guy in bed he heard a moan. Eunhyuk reached out, curious to touch him. He put his palm on Donghae’s face, and though he seemed surprised, he didn’t pull back.
God, everything about Donghae radiated sex, from the built body to the way he moved to the smell of his skin. He was like no man he ever come across before…not like he touched all the guys he met, Eunhyuk was straight after all, or so he thinks.

“Kiss me” Eunhyuk said.

Donghae hovered above him, silent.

On the impulse of Eunhyuk’s hands, he grabbed onto the others shirt, and tried to pull him down to his mouth.

Donghae captured both of his wrists in one of his hands, even if Eunhyuk was a man, Donghae was much bigger. “Easy there...”

Easy? Eunhyuk didn’t want easy. Easy was not what he planned.

Eunhyuk struggled against his hold, and when he couldn’t get free he arched his back. His nipples were hard and rubbed against his t-shirt, he rubbed his thighs together, anticipating what it would feel like to have Donghae between them. Man, what was wrong with him?

“Sweet Shisus” Donghae muttered.

Eunhyuk smiled at him, relishing the sudden hunger in his face. “Touch me.”

The almost stranger started shaking his head. As if he was trying to clear it.

Eunhyuk opened his lips and moaned in frustration.

“Pull my shirt up” He arched again, offering his body to Donghae, dying to know how it would feel to have Donghae inside. “Do it.”

Donghae smirked at the sight. He was sure that the man under him was as straight as a pole. But instead of that, Eunhyuk brought his knees up and lifted his hip off the bed. He imagined Donghae kissing the insides of his thighs, engulfing his mouth around him.

“Nnng…Aaah” Another moan boiled out of his mouth.

Donghae was dumbfounded.

Holy shit. This man was the hottest thing he’d ever gotten anywhere near. His reddish hair and milky white skin looked absolutely stunning under the light. He was beautiful, amazing... he was too perfect, he was Perfection.

Eunhyuk groaned again, hips rubbing with Donghae’s thigh, his legs open wide. The scent of his arousal hit Donghae. God, he would have been sent to his knees if he wasn't already on a bed.

“Touch me” Eunhyuk moaned.

Donghae’s blood pumped as if he were in a marathon, his erection throbbing like it was alive, as if it had its own heartbeat.

“That’s not what I’m here for.” Donghae whispered. “I’m just bringing you back home.”

“Touch me anyway.”

Donghae knew that he should say no. Eunhyuk was totally drunk and out of his mind at this moment. It seemed wrong to do so.

“Nnnng…” Eunhyuk arched his back and let out the most erotic sound Donghae ever heard in his life.

Time to go. Donghae had to leave before it was too late.

Except…He couldn’t leave without at least having a taste.

Donghae bent closer to him. His breath was sweet and smelled like vodka; he slowly captured his plump lips with his mouth. When the hot tongue battle ended, the kiss broke. Donghae drew his tongue out and slid down his neck.

“Aaah..ah…Please, mo- more” Eunhyuk closed his eyes as he was enjoying the feeling of having Donghae on top with his soft, delicate touches. But he needed more, he wanted more.

Donghae slowly placed kisses on Eunhyuk’s neck, up his cheekbone and gave a soft bite at his earlobe.

“Such a lewd and naughty body” Donghae whispered against his ear as he let go of his wrists and took Eunhyuk’s shirt off.

“Do- Donghae…Aaaaah…Ngg…I..can’t” Eunhyuk started panting, he swore that if Donghae continued he would just cum without even being touched.

Donghae threw the shirt away and purred at what he had seen. A topless Eunhyuk under him, moaning and ready to be fucked.

“Hmm? You can’t what Hyukkie? Are you going to orgasm just with a few light touches?” Donghae smirked as Eunhyuk blushed and nodded.

“Please…touch...Nggg…down…there” Eunhyuk tried to say coherent things.

“Where Hyukkie? Tell me where…Tell me what you want me to do to you” Donghae whispered and he trailed kisses down Eunhyuk’s body. He stopped right above Eunhyuk’s crotch. Screw those pants, they were coming off too.

“Uuugh…haaah…hu- hurry…” Eunhyuk was losing it, if that man didn’t fuck him in 5 seconds, He would tackle him down and rape him.

“You didn’t tell me where” Donghae smirked and palmed Eunhyuk’s clothed erection.

“Haaaah! There…Ngg” Eunhyuk gasped as Donghae’s hand started to move and rub him, it felt so delicious.

“Do you like it when i rub you like this?” Donghae moved up and closed the space between their lips. “Would you like me to shove my cock up your virgin ass?”

“H- Haae… I’m…gonna…Haaaah…cum” Eunhyuk was near the edge with just hearing and imagining the things Donghae was saying.

Donghae chuckled and went for Eunhyuk’s ear. He had to admit, he wasn’t really Mr. Nice guy on the bed. He…was probably a bit sadistic. Just a bit.

“So naughty... cumming just from some rubbing and talking…” Donghae smirked and he started to pull Eunhyuk’s red boxers down.

“Haaaaaaaah…aaah…” Eunhyuk moaned from the friction that was being created as his boxers slid down against his erection.

“You know…” Donghae said and he gave a few experimental licks on Eunhyuk.

“Haah..Ngg…” Eunhyuk was holding tightly onto the bed sheets and he felt immense pleasure. “Haaaaah…mo- more”

“I haven’t even taken my shirt off” Donghae chuckled and let go off Eunhyuk.

“Haah…N- no!” Eunhyuk lifted himself up to see where Donghae was going.

“No? How am I going to fuck you if I’m still fully dressed?” Donghae licked his lips and bit his thin bottom lip imagining how hot Eunhyuk would feel like.

Eunhyuk slowly moved his hand to his erection and started pumping in a slow pace, enjoying the little strip Donghae was giving him.

When Donghae took his boxers off, it revealed his big, hard cock. Eunhyuk almost came just from seeing the size of it.

“Tell me what you want me to do with this” Donghae said and he started stroking his cock in a slow teasing way.

“Haaah…put… it in…here” Eunhyuk said and laid on the bed with his legs wide open.

Donghae’s control snapped.

“Fuck” Donghae cursed as he got on top of Eunhyuk. “I can’t wait to push my throbbing cock into you”

Donghae positioned himself and held his cock at Eunhyuk’s entrance.

“Sorry baby…I like it raw, hard and rough” Donghae said and pushed in.

“Haaaaaaaaaaah! So…big…haaaah” Eunhyuk struggled to get Donghae inside.

“Shit…I could just shove it inside and fuck you so hard you won’t walk for weeks.” Donghae pushed a bit harder, making Eunhyuk grab onto him digging his nails on his back.

“It’s…in…” Eunhyuk said panting. He was feeling hot all over and wanted release.

“That’s it…” Donghae pulled back out until only his head was inside. “Now…remember to scream my name” And with that he shoved his cock in so hard that Eunhyuk moved up due to the force.

“Aaah…haaaah…fuck!...Hae…” Eunhyuk moaned like his life depended on it.

“Fuck! Hae…harder…Ngg…aaah!” Donghae had to hold onto Eunhyuk so he wouldn’t keep moving up. Man, how he loved to do it hard and rough.

“Fuck…” Donghae moved in closer to Eunhyuk’s neck and left a mark on it. A mark that told other people to back off. Hyukie was his.

“You are mine…your ass belongs to me.” He said and with a rough thrust he pushed his cock deep inside Eunhyuk.

“Haaaaah…aah...haah…” Eunhyuk was lost in deep pleasure as Donghae kept hitting his prostate.

“You will only moan my name…” With that Donghae pushed as deep as he could get and stopped moving.

“Huuh? N- no…move…” Eunhyuk tried to move his hip to get Donghae to move again.

“What do you want?” Donghae smirked and gave one hard thrust.

“Haaaah…Haaae…” Eunhyuk moaned. “Mo- move.”

“Hmm? Move?” Donghae started to pull out and in at a deadly slow pace, he didn’t like it either, but he loved seeing Eunhyuk beg.

“Haaah…m- move…faster” Donghae did so and picked up speed.

“Haaah…haah..harder” Eunhyuk begged. He was so close.

“You like my cock don’t you?” Donghae grunted and he felt like he was close “I’ll fuck you everyday till you get addicted to it and will only ride mine and no one elses”

“Aaah…yes…fuck me…I’m yours…haah”

“Fuck…if I ever see you with someone else…I swear I’ll rape you right there.” Donghae warned and gave those plump lips a sweet, tender, yet aggressive kiss.

“Haae…haaee…” Eunhyuk moaned holding onto him.

“That’s right…Scream my name” Donghae picked up pace and was fucking Eunhyuk so hard, he thought it was impossible to go any harder.

“I’m…haaah I’m gonnaa…Haaaaaah!” Eunhyuk came so hard all over Donghae and himself.

“Fuck! I didn’t tell you to cum” Donghae said and went at his hardest and fastest, he was close too.

“Aaaaah! Haaaaah..Ngg…Haaae!” Eunhyuk screamed, he had never experienced sex this way. Well…he was never with a guy anyways.

“Ugh…I’m gonna fill you up so much…” Donghae groaned, pushed deep inside and unloaded himself inside Eunhyuk. He leaned closer to kiss the cheeks of his new lover.

“Haaaaaah…” Eunhyuk moaned as he felt Donghae fill him up. He closed his eyes and was ready to take a rest. But then, he felt soft lips on him, they both shared a passionate kiss.

“You are mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. MINE” Donghae said staring right into his eyes.

Eunhyuk couldn’t help but laugh at how childish and possessive he was. Who would have thought that this type of guy existed…He had a manly and hot body, a soft and charming face and a very…pleasurable friend down there. Donghae didn’t seem like the possessive and sort of sadistic type; But then again he had to admit he like him that way.

“Soo…You ready for round 2?” Donghae smiled like when a 5 year old gets a new toy.

“But- We... I- I Just...” Eunhyuk was kind of regretting this. He was drunk, tired and just wanted to sleep.

“If you haven’t noticed…I’m not the nice guy type when it comes to sex”

“Oh...really? I didn’t notice” Eunhyuk chuckled.

“Are you serious?” Donghae asked with a confused look.

“…Sarcasm...” Eunhyuk said and laughed and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

“No, really…time for round 2” Donghae let out a smirk that even the Great Kim Heechul would be scared of.

Shit…this is going to be one hell of a crazy night…