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Love Bidder [Chapter 1]

Title: Love Bidder [ Chapter 1 ]
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Genre: AU, romance, slight smut,  slight drama, office/company setting.
Rating: R
Warning: Language, slight smut.
Summary: A jobless and desperate Eunhyuk was looking for a job, he didn't care how much he would get paid, he was willing to accept any amount. After joining a sketchy company and running his first errand, he somehow ended up in an underground auction house. Blindfolded, confused, and gagged he became an item for sale. His fate was in the hands of the richest and highest bidder, the CEO of the D&E company, Lee Donghae.

[Eunhyuk stared at the box of office supplies on his lap, he sighed and glanced out the window and watched as the scenery passed by.]Eunhyuk stared at the box of office supplies on his lap, he sighed and glanced out the window and watched as the scenery passed by. The bus came to a short stop and a woman got on and sat on the front seats. It was still very early and he wasn't expecting to be fired so suddenly. He had been working as the bodyguard-secretary of the chairman of a pretty successful company. However, due to scandals of money laundering, the company soon lost many of its investors and supporters and fell into bankruptcy.


"I'm so sorry Eunhyuk-ah,"  the chairman gave a sad smile and pat Eunhyuk's shoulder, "I hope you find a new job soon."

Eunhyuk couldn't hide his disappointed face, he actually liked the chairman, he was a kind elder that took good care of him even though it was supposed to be the other way around, "Will you be alright?" he asked the elder concerned.

The old man gave him a reassuring smile, "Things happen for a reason, I learned my lesson now," he gave a groggy laugh and accompanied the younger one to the door.

"Thanks a lot" Eunhyuk said as he bowed and officially became unemployed.


Eunhyuk arrived at his apartment and let out another sigh, he left his box on top of the dinning table and grabbed today's newspaper. He flipped through the pages and stopped at the classified section, it was filled with many job offers but none caught his attention -not like he had a choice anyways-. As he was about to give up he found one ad that was too good to be true.

Secretary post open
Someone to take care of the agenda of
the branch manager, needs to answer calls,
and run basic errands.
No previous experience required.
Ages 20 - 28
Contact: xxx-xxx-xxxx

The job was perfect for him, it was like he had never been fired from his previous one. Eunhyuk quickly grabbed his phone and called the number, he was confident that he would get the job as he was only 24 years old and already had 2 years of experience working for a big company. He cleared his throat and got into serious mode.

"Yes, how can i help you?" A female voice answered on the other end.

"Good morning, I'm calling in for the secretary-"

"Oh, yes! You want the job? Name and age?" the female cut him, there was suddenly lots of keyboard typing and other female voices could be heard from the distance.

"Yes, I'm Eunhyuk and i'm 24, when can i come in for the job interview?" Eunhyuk continued, trying to ignore all the background noise.

The other end went silent for a moment, "Before that, could you text us a picture of yourself along with some basic personal information? We are filing out forms for all the applicants," there was another pause, "We'll call you back after that."

"O-oh," Eunhyuk was confused, it was a very unusual request but he had to comply if he wanted to land the job, "Oh, Uh...I almost forgot to tell you, i have 2 years of experience as a secretary, i was working for Mr. Kwon from-"

"That´s excellent, Mr. Eunhyuk, don´t forget to write that down. We have another call coming in, we'll contact you as soon as we review your profile" and with that the call ended.

Eunhyuk still held the phone to his ear, he was in disbelief. What a weird company, he thought to himself. He took the chance to take the picture now as he still had his suit on, wrote his name, age, height, work experience, and a whole bunch of qualities that showed how great of a secretary he would be. After a few minutes, he nervously touched the send button and put the phone down.


His eyes opened wide in surprise. They replied so soon?! Did they reject me because i wrote too much? Is this a scam? Dammit, i knew it was too good to be true. Eunhyuk nervously picked the phone up and read the message.

Mr. Lee, we welcome you to the family.
Our branch manager has chosen you to be her secretary.
Come in tomorrow at 7 AM to start your shift, you already have your first errand early in the morning.
Don´t be late, and please dress in formal attire.
Here's the address: xxxxxxxxxx, HaHa Corp.

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow questioning the credibility of the text, and decided to make sure it was't a prank.

"Just like that? No interview?" Eunhyuk called back and the same voice answered the call.

"That´s right, Ms. Choi was very pleased with your detailed profile, she also complimented your looks," the girl giggled, "You are indeed quiet handsome." she added.

Eunhyuk blushed, "Heh, yeah...i guess. Tomorrow at seven, right?", he was really glad that he landed a job the same day he was fired. Luck was with him.

"That´s correct! We are all eager to see you Mr. Lee", the lady exclaimed and with that she hung up on him.

Eunhyuk wondered if he was dreaming, everything was happening so fast. He quickly went to his bedroom and picked a suit out for tomorrow. Okay, Hyuk-ah, don´t mess this up now. You´ll do great. He kept repeating to himself as he spent the rest of the day getting ready.


Eunhyuk found himself stading outside a big glamorous building with big bold letters that spelled "HaHa Corp." outside, from the looks of it, the company seemed pretty big, and this made him wonder why they had  such simple requierements for the post.

"Welcome to HaHa, do you have an appointment?" the lady asked him as he approched the lobby. She was dressed quite formal with a white blouse and an office skirt. Her desk was full of paper work and she seemed really busy, but she flashed him a welcoming smile as soon as he had arrived.

"Uh...I came to work here..." Eunhyuk didn´t know how to explain the situation, there was no letter, no interview, all he had was a text message, "I-I called yesterday, someone told me to come at 7..."

The receptionist looked at him and raised an eyebrow, she then procceded to scan Eunhyuk from head to toe and smirked, "Ah, Mr. Lee?" she asked finally grasping the situation.

"Yes!" Eunhyuk was relieved.

The lady got out of her seat and walked him to the elevator and pressed the last floor, "Ms. Choi will be at the top waiting for you" she explained.

"Who´s Ms. Choi?"

The lady giggled, "the one you spoke on the phone with and someone else shares the same last name with her, anyways, good luck on your first day!" and with that she returned to her desk.

Eunhyuk was really nervous, he tried to fix his hair and tie with the mirror at the back of the elevator. He cleared his throat and made sure that his breath didn´t smell.

Ding! The elevator came to a stop and once the door opened, a beautiful lady in her 20´s greeted him. If Eunhyuk had met her at a club he would probably be hitting on her. She didn´t say a word, she only bowed, pointed at a big door at the end of a long hallway and started leading the way.

Eunhyuk swallowed hard, he stared at the way the lady swayed her hips as she walked, almost as if she were trying to hypnotize him. Her skirt was quite short and her long and slender legs were distracting him quite a lot. Eunhyuk tried to distract himself with the paintings on the walls, there were flowers, portraits, legs...Dammit, Eunhyuk, you´re here to work! He reminded himself when his eyes were on the lady´s hips once again.

"Wow, this hallway is pretty long" Eunhyuk tried to distract himself from those swaying hips.

The lady remained silent and kept walking ahead of him. Once they finally reached the door, she turned around and smiled, "I bet that´s not the only thing that´s long here," she said as she pushed the door open.

Eunhyuk was dumbfounded, still trying to process what she had just said, he looked inside the room and he froze. The room was painted in a burgundy shade of red, the floor was carpeted, there were 2 sofas in the middle and a desk in front of a big window. What surprised him the most, was that there was an exact copy of the lady that was next to him standing in front of the desk.

The lady in front of the desk stepped forward and sat in one of the sofas, "Come, Mr. Lee, there´s no need to be afraid" she gestured him to sit in front of her.

"We are twins" the one next to Eunhyuk whispered, went in the room and sat next to her beloved twin.

Eunhyuk was extremely nervous, there were two major beauties in the same room with him, God give him strength and prevent him from doing anything stupid. He sat in front of the twins when one of them uncrossed and crossed her legs again, giving Eunhyuk a glimpse of her thigh. Oh god, is this some sort of self-control test? Eunhyuk prayed for this to be over soon.

"So, Eunhyuk-ssi... i was quite pleased with your resume." The other twin spoke, "My name is Sara Choi, and she is my twin, Sena Choi, i´m sure she has already tortured you enough", Sara glared at Sena and the twin giggled.

"Sorry Eunhyuk-ah, i´ll behave" Sena teased them both. From the looks of it, Sara was the mature one and Sena was the playful one, which meant that he had to be careful around her more. However, they were both equally beautiful and they were a bit intimidating. Probably because they were going to be his boss.

Eunhyuk cleared his throat before speaking, "Thank you for hiring me, Ms. Choi..." he didn't know who to look at. Was it Sara or Sena that hired him? Or did they both choose him? Was he going to be the secretary of them both? So many questions ran through his mind, he didn't know where to begin or what to do.

"Call us by our names, don't be afraid. Besides, you'll only confuse us since we are both Choi" Sara smiled. At that moment, another lady entered the room, she was also quite young... which made Eunhyuk wonder if they only hired young people. "Have a cup of tea" Sara said as the lady set the table with cups of tea and slices of cakes. Sena, who had been quiet the whole time, grabbed a slice of cake and ate it happily.

Cake this early? Eunhyuk wondered and took a sip of tea.

An hour had passed and the Choi sisters had explained every detail of his job as well as the likes and dislikes of each sister. He had to follow them around when one of them needed his assitance and attend their every needs, there were some absurd requests such as being their escort when invited to important parties.

He had been assigned a room on the top floor so that he could attend to the Choi sisters needs quickly, he wondered whether he had signed up to be their butler rather than their assistant. Sena told him earlier today that this evening they were attending a party where many famous people gathered and that he was going to be their escort. He remembered Sena pulling him close and whispering in his ear "Let's have some fun tonight" before skipping away. He felt shivers just from remembering her seductive tone.

"Mr. Lee?" a voice called from outside his office.

"Come in!" Eunhyuk replied and put down the papers Sara had asked him to organaize. The same lady from this morning came in with a tray in her hands. She came up to his desk and set the tray down along with a set of clothes.

"Madam Sena asked me to give you some tea so you can relax before the party" she shyly spoke, "These clothes are from Madam Sara, she said that you should wear that to the party" she continued and looked at Eunhyuk, "B-by the way...E-Eunhyuk-ssi... I mean...Sir." she murmured and fidgeted her fingers, "Y-you're very handsome".

Eunhyuk blushed and covered part of his face with his hand to hide this, "T-thanks, would you tell me your name again?" he asked the shy girl and picked up the cup of tea.

"It's Meirin, Sir." she replied. The 'sir' threw Eunhyuk off, it was so strange to have someone talk to him like that since he was used to serving others. He chuckled and set the cup down after taking a few sips.

Meirin served him some more, "Have some more! This is Chamomile tea, it'll help you relax after spending so much time organizing those papers. Besides, you have to get dressed for the party, Sir." She called him sir, again. Eunhyuk really didn't like the sound of it, it felt weird.

"Please, call me Eunhyuk, no need to be so formal. Can i call you Meirin?" Eunhyuk insisted to be treated less formally, it didn't feel right to him. He looked at the clothes Sara had prepared for him, it was a dark blue suit along with a gray tie, "I guess i should change".

Meirin gave him a smile and bowed, "Please finish your tea before leaving, it will help you" she said and walked towards the door, "Eunhyuk-ssi?" she said before closing the door.

"Yes Meirin-ssi?" Eunhyuk glanced over to the door and started to unbotton the jacket of the suit that he wore to work.

Meirin smiled again, "It was a pleasure meeting you, you are indeed as handsome as they say" she smirked wryly, "have fun tonight" she said and closed the door.

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow wondering why Meirin had said and proceeded to change into the new suit, it actually fit him quite nicely and he wondered how they knew what size he was. He drank the last cup of tea that was left and headed to The Choi sisters office down the hall.

"Ms. Sena? Ms. Sara? Are you ready to leave?" Eunhyuk knocked and opened the door. The two sisters eyed him from head to toes, smiled at each other and did a high five. They were dressed in elegant tube dresses, Sara was in black and Sena in white.

"Very handsome indeed Eunhyuk-ah" Sena smirked as she continued to check him out and gave him a subtle wink. The twins stood up from the sofa and they all left the building. Outside there was a limo waiting for them, Eunhyuk sat infront of the sisters and began to feet a little sleepy, he was so nervous last night that he barely slept, he tried to hide a yawn by turning around and covering his mouth.

"You can sleep on the way there Eunhyuk-ssi, we are still about half an hour away," Sara looked at him with soft eyes, "Take a quick nap" she smiled at him signaling that it was okay.

"N-No, it would be rude of me, i'm fine" Eunhyuk said and tried his best to keep himself awake, but for some strange reason he was yawning very often and felt very sleepy.

Sena leaned forward and put her hand on his lap, "did Meirin give you the tea?" she asked with an concerned look, "It helps you relax, I insist Eunhyuk-ah, take a nap" the twins gave Eunhyuk a calm, reassuring smile.

"It's..." Eunhyuk's vision began to turn blurry little by little, "Huh... why... s-so...sleepy?" he murmured, his movements began to slow down and his eyelids felt very heavy, the image of the twins sitting in from of him began to slowly fade away as his eyes began to close, he could see that a figure was getting closer but he couldn't make out who it was.

"Sweet dreams Eunhyuk-ssi" the voice said and everything turned black.


"...Ladies and Gentlemen! We have had many great items here tonight , but we all know what we are here for!..."

Eunhyuk heard an unfamiliar male voice as he regained consciousness, he slightly blinked a few times but there was a blinding white light shining directly at him. He tried moving but his body was still heavy. He continued to blink a few times as his vision cleared up, he began to see figures of people sitting far a way from him.

"...Aah...It seems like someone if finally waking up..." A voice said followed by a loud round of applause, "Everyone! He goes by the name of Lee Eunhyuk, age 24..." the voice continued speaking as Eunhyuk tried to get a clear sight of what was in front of him. Once again he tried to move but it seemed like he was straddled on whatever he was sitting on -a chair most likely- , as his vision cleared up, he saw a crowd of people wearing ball masks, sunglasses, and all sorts of things to cover up their faces.

"Nggh! Pft Hngg!" Eunhyuk tried to say something but there was a fabric gagging him, "Hnnnng!!!" he let out a desperate muffled scream to the crowd.

"Calm down now, you have to kept your composture" a man appeared next to him also wearing a mask, he seemed to be the host of this sick show or whatever was happening to Eunhyuk, he was somehow on a stage, straddled on a chair and in front of strangers covering their faces. The man took the microphone to his mouth and continued.

"Place your bids now, may the best bidder win!" He announced and the crowd in front of him started raising their hands and slowly raising the bidding price.

Oh God, please help me...Eunhyuk prayed as he looked around the room, it was dark and looked like a theather, but he wasn't able to recognize the place. The last thing he remembered was rising the limo with the Choi twins and...The Choi twins!! Eunhyuk tried to look around for them, hopefully they were safe and not tangled up in this sick auction house.

"One million dollars" Eunhyuk turned to see the person that mentioned such a big amount of money and his eyes widened. Sitting in the second row were two ladies wearing tube dresses, one in black and one in white, they were covering their faces like everyone else but Eunhyuk had to doubt, they were the Choi sisters...they were sitting in the public playing along this sick game.

"Ten million dollars!" This time a fat man raised his hand, you could tell he was old by the white hair on his head. Fuck no! Eunhyuk said to himself, terrified as he imagined what the old guy could do to him.

"Ngh Hmphaaah!" Eunhyuk tried to shout Ms. Sena to the lady that was wearing the white dress and had just held her hand up. The lady in the black dress next to her smiled and gave him a flirtatious wave by just wiggling her fingers, "Hnngeee!" he shout was muffled and the lady in white dress blew him a kiss.

Eunhyuk could feel tears start forming as he tried to desperatly set himself free, it seemed like the chair was also glued to the ground so there wasn't much he could do except watch the people bid for him. His fate was really in the hand of a whole bunch of rich sickos that were trying to buy a human for who knows what.

"One hundred Million Dollars" A man sitting in the front seat calmy put his hand back down, and smirked at Eunhyuk.

"O-one hundred million dollars! Going once! Going twice! Sold to this young man here in the front row!" the announcer said eagerly and the deal was sealed.

I was sold for one fucking hundred million dollars?  What the fuck is wrong with these people? How could they spend that much money just like that? Eunhyuk asked himself as he looked at the man, he seemed quite young, he had thin lips and a pretty good facial structure, atleast from what he could tell since the man was covering his eyes with a mask. Eunhyuk looked again at where the Choi sisters were seated and Sena mouthed 'Bye-bye' and waved him goodbye. And with that, Eunhyuk's eyes were covered and his was being carried somewhere.


"Put him on the bed" the voice that won the bid said, he sounded rather annoyed.

Eunhyuk was put gently on the bed, he was blind folded, still gagged, -and thankfully still fully clothed- he had his arms and legs tied to the bed posts so his whole body was exposed. He felt the bend sink next to him and a pair of hands took the blind off. As his vision became clear, he saw a very handsome young man sitting next to him. He was wearing a black waistcoat along with a black tie and a white shirt tuck neatly in his pants.

"How do you even get yourself sold in an underground auction house?" the man went through his dark hair with his hand before looking down at Eunhyuk with his brown mesmerizing eyes, "what the hell man..." he made fun of the situation.

"Hmpf...Ngh..." Eunhyuk tried to speak. The other man chuckled and untied the cloth that was gagging him, he was finally able to speak.

"What. The. Fuck." Eunhyuk started spewing out all the offensive words that he knew and went on and on for quite a while. The other man just sat there and listened, he let out another chuckle and touched his bottom lip with finger. Eunhyuk quieted down at seeing such a suggestive gesture coming from the other man, "H-hey...listen, if you let me go...I won't call the police".

"You'd have to be stupid to actually believe that" he said as he stood up, loosened his tie and threw it on the bed. He then proceeded to take off his waistcoat and to unbutton his shirt.

Eunhyuk started to worry for his body, "H-hey, what are you doing? I...I don't swing that way" he said as he tried to move further away on the bed from the man, "I'll scream for help!" he tried to threaten the other guy.

"Oh? Then scream, let's see if anyone's going to come" the man smirked and took his shirt off, Eunhyuk glanced over at the mans broad shoulder and built body, and swallowed hard, scared for what was about to come. He screamed for help but there was no reaction, so he tried once more...again, there was no response. "I wasn't going to do anything to you, but i see that you are just dying for me to touch you" the man growled as he crawled on top on the bed and eventually was on top of Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk quivered in fear, "A-are you...going to rape me?!" he asked terrified, he tried to let his hands free but they were tied tightly.

"Would you like me to?" The man bend down and whispered lowly in his ear, this sent shivers down Eunhyuk's back and he immediately shook his head. "Then stop thinking weird things, idiot" man blew Eunhyuk's ear and got off the bed. He went to the closet that was in the room, took out some clothes and changed.

Goddamit Eunhyuk, he was just going to change...Eunhyuk told himself and felt like he was going to die of embarrassment for thinking such naughty thoughts.

The man looked observed Eunhyuk through the reflection of the mirror, as he stood infront of it fixing his shirt, "Eunhyuk, was it?" he asked.


"Donghae, Lee Donghae." that man said and turned around to face Eunhyuk, "Guess what?" he asked playfully.

Eunhyuk tilted his head to the side, unable to understand what was going on, "What are you talking about?" he asked afraid of the answer that Donghae might give him.

"You are now my property, my one fucking hundred million dollar possesion" he voice was low and he sounded kind of annoyed, he looked at Eunhyuk with a devilish smirk, "And I hope you're worth it."

Please enjoy the new series.

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