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The Dark Side Of The City; [ Chapter 4 ]

Title: The Dark Side Of The CIty  [Chapter 4]
Pairing: Super Junior-centric; future!pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Supernatural, Dark.
Warning: Language, BLood, Vampire!SuperJunior
Summary: Many fear vampires, and we call them dangerous creatures. Little do we know that they also live in fear...of us.


"Leeteuk!" Ryeowook shouted, "Don't let that bastard step all over you!" he shouted as he tried to hold his force field in place.

"Let us go, sissy boy!" the lower ranked vampire that were trapped inside yelled, "Let us out of your stupid bubble-" the vampire suddenly stopped talking and dropped to the floor.

Yesung pulled his sword out of the body he had just stabbed, "You're annoying." he mumbled and hissed at the other vampires' that were trapped inside the shield.

"How did you even-" Ryeowook dodged an attack, the vampire was ready to launch another attack but Yesung got him first. "How did your sword pass through my shield?!"

Yesung turned and continued slashing the bodies, it was a bloodbath, "I've been training" he smirked and rushed to his leaders' side. "Kick his ass or you're not my leader!" he yelled in the middle of the fight. They all knew that their leader was holding back for the sake of everyone else. But it was too disgraceful for them if they failed to protect their own leader.

"Your little pets are calling out for you" ZhouMi said as he stepped on the other leaders' back, "You look much better lying on the floor." He grabbed Leeteuks' hair and pulled his head back, "You're so weak, you don't deserve to be a leader" he whispered into his ears and kicked him.

Leeteuk looked around and saw how each member was trying their best, they were also holding back, obeying his instructions even during a situation like this. "Guys" their leader spoke, "Let's get wild" he smirked and got up, he brushed the dirt of his clothes and fixed his hair, "Sorry about the delay, i thought that you would agree on talking. Oh well~"

"Yeah, whatever, it doesn't change the fact that-" ZhouMi took a few steps back, "What the hell?" his eyes widened as he shook with fear, "You're from that clan?" He said as he backed away, "H-hey, i was just playing around..."

Shindong smirked as the electric waves went all over his body instead of only his left arm, "Let's be serious now" He grabbed one of the vampires' face and electrified him. The body shook wildly before it dropped to the ground lifeless, "Who's next?" Shindong asked the horde around him, the crackling sound of the electric waves making the others' hesitate.

The number of vampires falling to the ground increased rapidly as the members of the South annihilated them. Groans and painful moans filled the place.

Leeteuk exhaled smoke from his mouth, he blinked a few times before looking at ZhouMi with his new set of eyes, his body felt much stronger, bigger and lighter, his hands itching to kill by the smell of blood. He licked his lips before smiling like a psychopath, "I tried to be nice..." He took a step and vanished. ZhouMi looked around desperately, "But you just had to piss me off..." Leeteuk appeared behind ZhouMi and stabbed his his nails into his neck.

There was no blood, what used to be ZhouMis' body had turned into smoke, "Duplicates, huh?" Leeteuk was trying to remain calm, he had let his pure vampire blood powers and instincts out, unlike his team-mates and other vampires, his parents were also vampires, you could say he was part of the royalty in the vampire world.

"Are you serious?! We have to deal with Leeteuk now" Ryeowook shivered as he remembered the last time their leader had lost control and almost killed all the them. Shindong reunited with the other two members to come up with a plan on how they would bring Leeteuk back home.

ZhouMi chuckled, "Even if you are pure blood, there's no way you'll be able to-" he was cut off when he saw Leeteuk launch himself at him, "What?!" He managed to land a kick on the leader, but it was nothing more than a slight push, "You're a freaken monster." he said and created more duplicates.

Leeteuk was actually having fun, he ran around killing the other vampires and he tried to make all the clones disappear, it was as if he had gone crazy and the instinct of killing had taken over. there weren't many vampires left and the members were also afraid of getting close to Leeteuk. They needed help.


"Guys, Leeteuk is in trouble" Kyuhyun told the other members' as they tried to take the bullet out of Donghaes' body.

"What's wrong?" Heechul asked exhausted from overusing his powers, "Don't tell me he's on the loose again" he groaned when he saw the maknae nod, "Last time he almost bit my arm off!" he was concerned about his leader but it was just too damn risky to get close to him when he's in that state.

Donghae held onto his leg and punched the mattress from the overwhelming pain, "What the hell is this made out of?!" he threw his head back.

"Kyselina" Kyuhyun answered him, "Anti-vampire acid, the humans have been trying to make this for decades" He looked at the gun with a 'KVE' logo on it , "I'm impressed that they found a way to make it." he smiled amused.

Hankyung raised an eyebrow, "How do you even know what that is?" he asked, "What does it even do?!"

The maknae looked at everyone with a guilty expression, "I helped them make this" he looked down, "The KVM on the gun stands for 'Kyuhyun Vampire Extermination' I came up with the formula" he mumbled.

Eunhyuk threw himself on Kyuhyun and punched him, "You fucking idiot! How could you betray us?!" He shouted as tears rolled down, "Look at what they have done to Donghae! What if he dies? Are you going to revive him?!" He continued blaming the maknae, the whole house was under chaos.

Kangin closed his eyes and sighed.

"It was before i was a fucking vampire!" Kyuhyun screamed, "I hated vampires so much, they killed my family, they took everything away from me!" the guy continued shouting all his miseries, "I didn't think i would become a vampire. I didn't choose to be one!" he poured out everything that he had kept inside all these years.

Everyone was frustrated and under pressure.

Eunhyuk calmed down and helped Kyuhyun get back on his feet, "Idiot, we'll settle this when Donghae gets better." he wiped his tears away and returned to the the injured one. "Donghae, how are you-" The blondes' eyes widened, "Hankyung! how did you get it out?!" he asked the man who held a tray with a blood-covered bullet on it.

"The blood on it, is...evaporating?!" Sungmin exclaimed, "Just what exactly does it do, Kyuhyun?" he turned to the maknae.

Kyuhyun took a deep breath, unable to believe that he had put his friends' life in danger, "Our blood has the Upir virus, the chemicals in the Kyselina bullet react with it creating an exothermic reaction where the temperature gets so high, our blood boils and burn our muscles from the inside" he frowned.

"I don't think it will be able to heal." Hankyung shook his head as he bandaged Donghaes' leg, "We took too long and his muscles have already been...from the heat...." he didn't want to continue, and neither did the others want him to.

Donghae looked at the ceiling and back at his leg, he didn't feel anything as Hankyung had numbed his sense of pain, he smiled at Eunhyuk who was standing next to the bed holding his tears back. "Come here" he whispered and reached for the blonde, "I'll be fine" he spoke in a soft tone as his friend cried.

Siwon remained silent, he looked around the room and gathered Kangin, Kibum and Sungmin together, "Let's go get the others' back, please." he said to Kangin with pleading eyes.

"Yeah, let's go tame a beast." Kangin smiled and pat Siwons' shoulder, "Everything will turn out fine, kid." he comforted him. Siwon nodded, he and the other members vanished and headed north.

Kangin looked back at the other ones' who where covered in blood and injured, "I failed to protect them..." he murmured disappointed.

"No you didn't." Kyuhyun said as he gave a soft smile, "You tried your best" he said as he gave Heechul some medicine.

Heechul pushed Kyuhyuns' hand away, he wasn't in the mood for medicine, "Listen to me, you idiot, go and get Leeteuks' and everyone else's ass back here or I won't forgive you" he warned. Kangin chuckled at Heechuls' comment. He nodded and vanished.

"Leeteuk, you idiot." Heechul mumbled to himself.

Eunhyuk looked at Hankyung, "Please, let me do it." he begged him. The other one frowned and looked at Donghae. Was it really necessary? he wondered.

"I'm willing to heal his leg." Eunhyuk insisted, "I know what it'll do to me, but please, don't tell Leeteuk." the blonde tried to convince Hankyung, who was their doctor. Eunhyuks' healing came with a consequence, it was only fair that you give life by taking away life, or the world would be unbalanced.

Donghae frowned, "Eunhyuk, don't be stupid, it's not like i'll die." he spoke in a firm tone, "Taking away part of your life for this is pointless. I'm fine!" he gave his chest a few pats, giving evidence of his well-being.

"To me it isn't pointless." Eunhyuk hissed, "I want you to be able to walk!"

Hankyung interrupted, "Are you aware that for each hour you heal, you take away ten fucking years of your life?!" he shouted trying to snap some sense back into the blonde.

"I don't care-"

"I do!" Donghae yelled, "I don't want you to die before me and leave me all alone!" his eyes were getting watery, "Stop treating your life as if it's nothing." he calmed down, "I'm fine, i'll still be able to stand, and walk with the help of a crutch or something."

Eunhyuk also calmed down, the whole was filled with heavy breathing and it was agonizing to the there. Heechul laid on the sofa, facing it so he could hide his tears. It pained him to see his dongsaengs' this way. as cold-hearted as he seemed, he still considered part of his family.

Kyuhyun took a deep breath, "Let's all go and rest, it's been exhausting, i'll keep an eye on the other members for went to get Leeteuk." he turned the computer off, "Come on, we are all emotionally unstable, a good sleep will help." they all nodded and headed for their rooms. All except Eunhyuk who stayed by Donghaes' side.

A few hours passed and the mansion was silent. Eunhyuk looked at Donghae calm expression as he slept, "Sorry." He whispered and his eyes grew red. He took the bandages off and put his hand on top of the wound, he smiled, "I love you" he said and started to heal the wound.

Eunhyuk wiped his sweat and took his hands away, the wound was gone. There was no scar or any sign of injury, he had healed the person he loved and he was happy. He looked around the room and everything seemed to faint away, "Crap" he cursed before dropping on the bed beside Donghae.

Hours had passed.


"Leeteuk it's us!"

"Come to your senses, come on, breathe"

"Yah, you idiot, if you dare and try to kill us again then i'll kick your ass!"

The members held Leeteuk on the floor and tried to calm him down so he could regain his senses. The place was full of blood and ZhouMi was lying on the floor, barely breathing with injuries all over.

"Leeteuk, it's me Kangin, we're here to bring you back home." The strongest one of them held the leaders' face and looked straight into his red eyes, "Come back to us" he repeated over and over. It took seven fully grown vampires to hold him down.

"K-kangin?" Leeteuk whispered, he stopped struggling. "Is that you?" he asked as his eye turned back to normal. Leeteuks' body relaxed and everyone let go of him. "Did i hurt anyone?" that was the only thing their leader was concerned about, he looked around and was relieved and it was only minor injuries such as scratches.

"Hows Donghae?" Shindong asked.

Kibum smiled, "He's fine now, but let's discuss that later" he pointed at ZhouMis' body, "Let's bring him home." he looked at Siwon who nodded and went to get the body.


"Eunhyuk?" Hankyung walked into the room and ran to Donghae's bed, "You fool!" he shouted. Just then, the rest of the members arrived and went in the room wondering what was going on.

"He did it again!" Hankyung told the others. Some of them face-palmed and some just wanted to punch Eunhyuk, but for now, they had to take care of Eunhyuk and the injured members.

Kyuhyun looked at ZhouMis' unconscious body, "What do we do with him?" he asked.

"Put him in a cell and keep an eye on him." Yesung took his blood covered shirt off, "He's pretty annoying."

The room was filled with groans as Hankyung tried to take care of everyone's' injury, "Why are you all so careless?!" he yelled frustrated.

"Come on, Hannie, baby, Want me to be your doctor then?" Heechul purred, the other man pushed him away and chuckled.


Donghae in midst of the busy room, was dazed, he looked at his leg and stretched it out, it was perfectly fine. "Eunhyuk..." he whispered and sighed.

As for the rest of the members, they were just hoping that everything was over. Well, at least for now.


To be continued.

A/N: Omg, this is so fail XD
I tried my best to make it all action-like with the fights and all.
Again, sorry about the delay, Happy Halloween for those who will celebrate it!

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