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High School Of Lust; [ Day One ]

Title: High School of Lust. [ Day One]
Pairing: HaeHyuk, Slight!SiHyuk, Slight!SiChul, SHINee cameo.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance.
Warning: Language, Badboy!Hae, Abusive!Hae, Teasing... This is smut. c:
Summary: Eunhyuk was your typical, average high school student, he had a secret crush on his best friend and the school's role model, Choi Siwon. But things got out of hands when the school playboy, Lee Donghae, decides to make Eunhyuk his next victim. His next "Slave". fail.

["What the hell? Is that a shoujo manga?" Minho, a seventeen year old boy stared at his classmate of the same age, Key. The other guy closed his interesting manga and looked up, giving his friend a death glare.]

"What the hell? Is that a shoujo manga?" Minho, a seventeen year old boy stared at his classmate of the same age, Key. The other guy closed his interesting manga and looked up, giving his friend a death glare.

"What's wrong with it?" He continued glaring while imagining that he was stabbing
Minho with an imaginary knife.

With a chuckle, Minho snatched the manga out of Key's hand and read the title out loud, "Double the love, double the trouble? What. The. Hell?"  He turned the manga around to read the backside.

"In an all-male high school, Yuki, a shy guy, falls in love with the school's perfect role model. But, when he was alone in the classroom and practicing his confession to Hiro; He didn't notice that Kei, (the guy who was the total opposite of the school prince, Hiro) was sleeping on the floor! To make it worse, he had just woke up in time to eavesdrop on Yuki's confession! After hearing that, Kei suddenly got mad and told Yuki that he would make him his slave! What would happen to poor Yuki?"

Minho's jaw slightly dropped, "What...The...Hell?" He dropped the manga on Key's desk with a loud thud, which echoed in the almost empty classroom. "Y-yaoi?!" Before he could continue, Key quickly covered his mouth and pulled him down to the floor.

"Shhhhh!" Key made sure that they were well hidden behind his desk.

"What?" Minho popped his head out to look around, but Key swiftly grabbed his hair and pulled him back. "Ouch!"

"I said, Shhhh!" Key whispered.

Minho nodded and remained silent, waiting for something to happen. "Someone's coming." Key whispered.

"Ah...S-Siwon...." They quickly recognized the voice of their friend, Eunhyuk.
Minho was about to get up and call for him, but Key pulled him back, again.

"Shhhhhhh!" Key insisted on eavesdropping. He tried to lean closer to Eunhyuk's direction, hoping to hear clearly.

"Why are you doing this?!"
Minho asked. He desperately wanted to run and hug his hyung.

Key rolled his eyes and hissed, "Shut up and let me listen!"

"Siwon-ah...We've been friends for many years...and i...think i like y-you." Eunhyuk's voice cracked at the end, "Aish, this is so hard." He sounded frustrated.

Minho's eyes opened wide, "A...confession?!" He seriously wanted to rush out now. Being the hyung-whore he was, there was no way he would hand over Eunhyuk to that 'Pretty boy' or whatever people called Siwon.


Minho turned around at the call of his name. He saw his friend with his hand covering his mouth and pointing to the right. Of course, Minho turned around to see what had shocked Key.

"D-Donghae?!" Key stuttered.

Yep, Donghae was on the floor sleeping, skipping class like he usually does. Wait, actually, he was wide awake right now. Just casually lying on the floor listening to Eunhyuk…Only blinking and breathing, nothing else.

"Why is he eavesdropping on Eunhyuk?" Key shook his head, "Shame on him!"

Minho stared at his friend, suppressing his urge to punch him, "We're doing the same thing!" He finally managed to say.

They both followed Donghae's movement when he decided to finally decided to get up and make Eunhyuk aware of his presence.

"Yo, you actually like that pretty boy Siwon?" They both heard him say. They could difference Donghae's normal tone of voice and his pissed one. And right now, Donghae sounded more than pissed.

"What are you doing here?!" Eunhyuk exclaimed. "Since when were you here?"

Donghae chuckled, "I was here three hours ago, i've skipped class since lunch. Yeah, thanks for noticing." Donghae replied back.

"So...did you hear..." Eunhyuk paused for a second, "Great, this has to be the worst day ever. First, this kid fucking kicks the ball to my privates during p.e, I didn't bring my lunch money, and now you just hear me confess. Fuck this." He continued to complain about how miserable his day had been.

"And now you like Siwon. You might as well go and suicide." Donghae said after a silence.

There was a loud bang, which startled and made Key and
Minho jump. It was probably Eunhyuk hitting a desk.

"Don't fuck with me." Eunhyuk warned. "I'm not in the mood to deal with you."

Donghae chuckled again, "Seriously, what's so good about Siwon? He's such a saint, you probably won't get laid."

"Oh, right. And you have the whole school begging you to fuck them, right?" Eunhyuk mocked him.

"Not all of it. But, you're included." Donghae's tone changed.

"Yeah right."

"Wanna bet? I'll have you fucked in one week." Donghae said confidently.

Eunhyuk hissed, "Are you serious? Fine. What do you wanna bet?" he challenged the other.

"Whoever falls for the other one, will become their slave. In other words, when you finally realize that you like me...I'll make you into my slave." Donghae explained.

There was a short silence.


 Far away from Eunhyuk and Donghae, were Key and
Minho with their jaws dropped. They couldn't believe what just happened. It all seemed so unreal.

Minho, the manga!" Key exclaimed and pointed at the pink covered manga. "It's the manga! Everything! Hiro is Siwon, Yuki is Eunhyuk and Kei is Donghae! They all fit perfectly!" Key continued being the fan he was, he flipped the pages of the manga and showed the exact same scenes that they had just witnessed, or rather heard.

Minho on the other hand, stayed silent...What was he going to do? He was going to loose three of his favorite hyungs due to a stupid thing called 'love' and not only that...His friend, Key, wouldn't shut up. "What the hell is going to happen?" he wondered.


Eunhyuk left the classroom as soon as his conversation with Donghae came to an end. He hurried down the hallway, looking down, paying attention only to the floor tiles. He was breathing quickly; his hand was on his chest trying to calm his fast beating heart down.

What the hell was that?!” Eunhyuk murmured and he continued to walk without paying attention. “Who the hell
does he think-“ He was interrupted as his body hit something. It was a man, a much taller man.

“Whoa.” A familiar voice said. “Eunhyuk? Where are you going? Class is starting soon.” The man, who Eunhyuk had bumped into, gently grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away so he could talk to him properly instead of having their bodies crushed together.

Eunhyuk looked up to meet with the other’s eyes. “H-hey Siwon.” He smiled half-heartedly, “I didn’t see you...Sorry.” Eunhyuk really felt like hiding under a rock. He was not ready to talk to Siwon; he really needed to gather is thoughts.

“Let’s go.” Siwon put his arm around Eunhyuk’s shoulder and they walked back to the classroom.

Siwon was acting like he normally would, nothing different. Eunhyuk, on the other hand, was dragging his feet back to the place he had just runaway from. He didn’t want to see Donghae; it would all just be terribly awkward.

“Alright! We have English class now.” Siwon said enthusiastically as they arrived and entered the classroom. For some strange reason, he enjoyed English class more than any other student. It was probably the teacher.

Eunhyuk sat back on his seat and turned to his friend, “Minho-ah…” He called out for his friend.

“What?” Minho replied rather annoyed.

“Yah…Do you really dislike sitting next to me that much?” Eunhyuk was really close to calling this the worst day
in history. “Hyung is having a hard time.” He tried to look for some attention.

“N-no! I didn’t mean it that way! It’s just that…I hate English class. I don’t understand a word the teacher says, and Siwon enjoys it way too much!” Minho tried to explain.

Eunhyuk continued sulking on his seat, “I don’t know what to do anymore…” he sighed.

Minho chuckled, “Is this about love?”

Eunhyuk’s body froze for a second, and then looked at his friend. “N-no! Of course not!”

“Oh.” Minho smirked, “Did you bet on something that you will end up loosing?” He teased the other. He was enjoying the way his hyung reacted to the questions.

“W-what-“ Eunhyuk nervously cleared his throat, “What are you talking about?” He tried to act as if all the things Minho had mentioned were false. “There’s just…too much homework!” Eunhyuk literally wanted to punch himself for the lame excuse.

“Silence!” Someone shouted from outside the hall. It seemed like the English teacher had arrived.

Everyone quickly ran to their seats and waited for the teacher.

“Whoa.” The English teacher stopped once he stepped inside the classroom. It was in perfect order, and everyone was sitting straight, just the way students were supposed to be like.

“You brats…drop the act.” As soon as the teacher said that, every single person relaxed their body and continued to chat like they normally would.

“Mr. Kim!” Siwon walked up to hug his favorite teacher, “How are you doing?” he talked to him in English.

“What’s up?! Nice weather, right?” the teacher replied in the same language and shook his favorite student’s hand and pulled him close, “Come to the teacher’s office after school. I need you to help me with something.” The teacher whispered in his ear.

Siwon’s eyes opened up, “Mr.Kim…Students aren’t allowed inside…” he wondered what was going on.

Mr. Kim silenced his student with a nod and a quick wink. Siwon was not only his best student, but he also lived close to him, it wouldn’t be weird to see them hang around together. In fact, they were actually close friends. Very close friends.

“I’m planning on slaughtering you all with a test next week. I hope you all study well.” Mr. Kim announced as he sat on the teacher’s seat. “Like always, I will not go easy on you guys.” He teased.

The room was suddenly filled with groans and sighs.

“Yah! Heechul! Isn’t that too much?! You already give us so much homework and your weekly tests are insane!” One student complained, “Can’t you give us a break?!”

Their teacher stood up, he walked to the front of the desk and leaned against it, smirking, “And yet, with all that, you still suck.” He crossed his arms, “And why are you talking to me so informally? I’m still your teacher.”

“Well, Siwon always-“

“Siwon has good grades in my class.” Mr. Kim interrupted, “Now, shut up.” He said in English and went back to his seat.

The student quickly lowered his head, arguing with their English teacher, Kim Heechul was useless. No matter what you say, he would always wittily answer you back. Even if the things he would say were somewhat offensive, his students knew that he meant no harm. That was just the way he was.

Everyone continued chatting. Like always, Heechul would usually come in and tell them what test or homework they had, after that, it was just free time. But, Heechul would still stay in the classroom. He had to at least pretend that he was inside teaching them.

Eunhyuk didn’t say another word to his friend, he was troubled, he didn’t want to be in the same room as Siwon and Donghae. He took a notebook and a pencil out and decided to pass the time drawing.

Heechul watched his troubled student from afar. Eunhyuk was another student that he treasured deeply. He was lively and always goofing around, and he liked him that way. Heechul continued to observe Eunhyuk’s odd behavior, to his surprise, he was just sitting there drawing on his notebook. It was a rare sight indeed.

Eunhyuk continued to randomly draw on the page, he was too busy to focus on the paper. His mind was filled with Siwon and Donghae.

“Eunhyuk ah…Why did you write that?”

“Huh? What?” Eunhyuk snapped back to reality, he looked at the page.

Minho grabbed the notebook, “Donghae or Siwon…What do you mean?” he asked.

Eunhyuk blushed and snatched his notebook, “D-don’t go looking at someone else’s notebook!”

His friend raised an eyebrow and shook his head, “Okay, whatever. Just…don’t think too much, Okay?” He said and received a nod from Eunhyuk.

‘What the heck was that?’ Eunhyuk asked himself, he looked at his notebook, the names Donghae and Siwon written on it. He quickly looked for an eraser so he could make those names disappear from his thoughts.

“So silly…” Eunhyuk heard someone laugh. He felt a cold shiver run down his back as he turned around.

“My dear Eunhyukkie, what are you so troubled with?”

Eunhyuk was surprised, why the heck was Donghae sitting diagonally behind him? Wasn’t his seat all the way in the back? Judging from the seat’s position, he must have seen what was written on the notebook.

“What the hell? Isn’t that Kyuhyun’s seat?”

“That kid? Starcraft in exchange of a seat, easy deal.” Donghae pointed to his previous seat, which was now occupied by Kyuhyun.

Eunhyuk’s heartbeat picked up speed. The conversation they had earlier kept replaying in his head.

Donghae smirked and crossed his arms his desk, leaning closer to Eunhyuk, “I saw my name on your notebook. Are you falling for me?” he purred.

Eunhyuk’s body felt like it was on fire, he probably had a fever. He had to get away from both Siwon and Donghae before his brain dries up from all this excessive thinking.

“Mr. Kim!” Eunhyuk suddenly stood up and shouted. He had startled his teacher and caught everyone else’s attention, including Siwon’s. “I think I have a fever, can I go to the nurse’s office?”

Heechul was sort of relieved, “Is that why you’ve been acting so weird?” he asked.

Eunhyuk nodded, any excuse was fine as long as he was able to leave the room. Once his teacher gave him permission, he left the room as fast as he could.

Donghae was quite surprised by his actions; he quietly chuckled and brushed his hair with his left hand. “That sly bastard…” He mumbled, “No one leaves me talking alone that way…” he was frustrated; Eunhyuk was indeed a hard catch.

“Ah…Mr. Kim, can I go to the restroom?” Donghae raised his hand and asked.

“Is it an emergency?”

Donghae quickly thought, “I need to go poo.” He said.

The whole room suddenly went silent. Donghae slightly blushed; he had never humiliated himself this way before. Why did he even say that?

“O-okay…Well, go get toilet paper in the nurse’s office…Don’t take too long.” Heechul tried to avoid the topic the best he could.

Donghae innocently smiled as he left the room, “You are mine.” He whispered to himself.


Eunhyuk opened the door, and the cool air from the nurse’s office wrapped his body as he entered. It seemed like the nurse wasn’t around, which was good. Eunhyuk just wanted to rest on the small bed at the back of the curtains. It was for the student’s who needed to rest.

“Finally, some peace…” Eunhyuk was lying on the bed, trying to get some rest. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths.

Suddenly he heard the door opening and closing, but he didn’t pay much attention. ‘Ah, Ms. Kwon, the nurse, probably came back’ he thought.

Eunhyuk listened to the loud steps. It didn’t sound lady-like; they were much rougher and heavier. The steps were getting louder and closer and they were bothering Eunhyuk.


Eunhyuk’s eyes immediately opened when he recognized the voice. He wanted to run, but the door was probably
locked; besides he would have to get past him first.

The curtain slowly opened, revealing Donghae’s body. “Hello, Eunhyuk.” He smirked and walked towards the bed the other was on.

Eunhyuk sat up and the hot feeling took over his body again, “W-why are you here?” he asked.

Donghae smiled and sat on the side of the bed, he didn’t reply. Instead he gently brushed Eunhyuk’s blonde hair
with his left hand. “So soft…”

“L-Leave me alone.” Eunhyuk pushed Donghae’s hand away, “You didn’t answer me.”

He other showed him a gentle smile, “I wanted to see you.” He replied.

Eunhyuk’s heart was beating loudly, why was Donghae acting this way? What the hell did he want? Eunhyuk glared at him, “I’m not going to fall for you.”

“Oh, but you will.” Donghae’s sweet smiled suddenly turned to a devilish smirk, as if his personality suddenly switched. “I’m sure of it.”

What Donghae said angered Eunhyuk, there was no way that he would fall for such a crazy bastard. What was he thinking? Did he think that Donghae was actually a nice guy deep down?

“Go away.” Eunhyuk said in a firm tone.

Donghae still had that smirk on his face, he quickly grabbed both of Eunhyuk’s wrists with his hands, pushed him down and got on top of him. “You will become my slave.” He put the blonde’s arms on top of his head.

“What the fuck?!” Eunhyuk shouted, he had no idea what was going on. “Let go of me, you lunatic!” He struggled to get free, but Donghae held his wrists firmly, and his legs straddled his body.

“I’m just trying to get you used to being my slave.” Donghae somehow managed to hold Eunhyuk’s wrists with one hand. So, with the other, he started to unbutton Eunhyuk’s uniform.

The blonde continued to struggle, “What the hell are you doing? You pervert!” He looked at the speed Donghae’s hand was undressing him.

“Oh? That’s a nice body you have here…” Donghae complimented the blonde. His hand ran down Eunhyuk’s toned abs. “Not bad.”

Eunhyuk’s body temperature immediately rose, Donghae’s hand was touching him, and his body was unable to get free of the other’s strong grip.

Donghae pinched the blonde’s right nipple, which made his body react violently, he was trying to get free. “Hyukkie, that’s the wrong reaction. You’re supposed to moan.”

Eunhyuk stared at him in horror, the person above him was a sick pervert, “A-are you going to rape me?!” he shouted, “Let me go! Dammit!”

“Rape? It’s not rape if you enjoy it…” Donghae said and leaned down to sensually lick Eunhyuk’s neck, “Think about it, becoming my slave isn’t that bad actually.” He licked his way down to the blonde’s nipple, leaving a trail of saliva.

“Nnngaah…” Eunhyuk suddenly moaned when Donghae’s sinful tongue licked his now erect nipple.

Donghae chuckled, “That’s right…moan.” He said and harshly bit the blonde, making his body slightly arc.

“Haaah! S-stop!” Eunhyuk groaned at the pain, he continued to struggle, hoping to get free and punch Donghae to his senses.

“Relax…” Donghae continued to touch the blonde’s body. His hand traveled down until he reached the boy’s half-
erect cock. “See? You are enjoying this.” Donghae said and palmed his member.

“F-fuck! Ugh…” Eunhyuk couldn’t control the words that escaped his mouth anymore, Donghae’s hand seemed to
know where to touch. “S-stop…”

“This is getting in the way.” Donghae started to unbutton the blonde’s pants; he pulled the zipper down; took the other’s member out of his red boxers and cupped the other’s now erect cock. “Enjoy it, Hyukkie-ah.” He purred,
trying to calm the blonde down.

“Nnngg…Haah…” Eunhyuk had stopped struggling, he was reduced to a moaning mess when Donghae leaned down to abuse his nipple with his mouth and at the same time, played with his cock. “Oooh…D-Donghae…”

Donghae’s hand let go of Eunhyuk’s wrists, but, instead of pushing him away, the blonde grabbed the other’s face and looked at him with lustful eyes.

To his surprise, Donghae accidentally slipped his nail on the slit of Eunhyuk’s hardened cock. He didn’t expect the other to grab his face.

“Haaaaah! Nnngg!” Eunhyuk moaned loudly when Donghae strengthened his grip and picked up speed, “Haaah! H-Hae!”

Eunhyuk was enjoying this way more than Donghae had expected. He looked at the blonde’s lustful expression as he endlessly moaned and tried to get more friction from his hands.

“D-donghae…” Eunhyuk breathlessly called for the other, “Haaaah…Haaaah!” his moans got more desperate.

The other knew that he was close, so he continued to skillfully stroke the blonde’s member, running his hand all the way to the tip of the head and down, occasionally giving a hard squeeze.

“Gosh, Eunhyuk, stop making such a naughty face.” Donghae teased the other, he slowly leaned down, aiming for the blonde’s lips.

“Haaah…Hae…” Eunhyuk called for him with half lidded eyes, “I-I’m going to come.”

Donghae smiled and continued stroking his member, making the other feel good. “See? Being my slave isn’t so bad.” He said and caught the other’s lips with his.

Eunhyuk’s hands let go of Donghae’s face, instead they went around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

“Nggg!” The blonde moaned in the kiss, he tried to keep up with Donghae’s skillful tongue, but with the immense pleasure he was receiving it was almost impossible to think straight.

The other smirked and broke the kiss; he then proceeded to attack the blonde’s neck once again, this time marking his territory. “You are now mine.” He whispered on his neck.

“Ooooh! Hae! Donghae!” Eunhyuk desperately called for the other and closed his eyes.

“Let me see you come.” Donghae encouraged him, “Let it all out.” He smirked and picked up speed.

Eunhyuk’s back arched, “Hoooh! Aaah! Haaaah!” He concentrated on reaching his orgasm.

“That’s right, moan loudly. Show me your lustful side.” Donghae darkly whispered as he licked his lips and watched the boy under him toss and turn, moaning his name.

“Hae! Ngggggaaaah!” The blonde finally reached his orgasm, his back arched as he continued to spill his cum all over his body and Donghae’s hand.

When Eunhyuk finally stopped coming, he didn’t say a word. He just lay there breathing heavily, hiding his face with his left hand.

“Well, that was unexpected.” Donghae broke the silence as he walked to the sink and washed the cum off his hand.

Eunhyuk was too embarrassed to face Donghae, he had no idea why that happened, and the other was acting as if it was normal.

Donghae came back with a wet towel and threw it on Eunhyuk’s body, “Clean up with that, get dressed and leave.”

“Y-you sick bastard.” Eunhyuk finally found the courage to sit up and clean his mess. He had to ignore the fact that he and Donghae had just got intimate. He quickly fixed his clothes and left the nurse’s office without a word.

Donghae was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, “I guess I went overboard.” He sighed and looked at the very noticeable bulge in his pants. “And now…Who the hell is going to fix this?” he groaned.


As Eunhyuk was on his way to the classroom, the scenes at the nurse’s office kept replaying. His heart kept beating at a fast pace and he put his hand on his chest…

“Stupid heart, don’t go changing the person that I like…Dammit.”


As my super late Christmas present, i give you guys...
The first part of Hish School of Lust; -claps- c:
I would like to also announce that The Dark Side of The City will be put on HAITUS. Sorry</3
I just find HSOL so much easier to write since it has smut. So yeah, i'm not dropping on the fic though, i'm just going to finish this one first and then continue with it.
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