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The Dark Side Of The City; [ Chapter 3 ]

Title: The Dark Side Of The City;  [ Chapter 3 ]
Pairing: Super Junior-centric; future!pairings;
Rating: R
Genre: Supernatural, Dark.
Warning: Language, Blood, Vampire!SuperJunior.
Summary: As they head out, they bump into trouble. Some of them got hurt, some are worried, and some...Have found the source of all of this. -fail-


[The cold wind blew as the members magically appeared at the entrance of the hospital. It was your average white building where sick or injured people went to. There was nothing special about it.]The cold wind blew as the members magically appeared at the entrance of the hospital. It was your average white building where sick or injured people went to. There was nothing special about it.

“Blood…” Kangin inhaled the scent of it coming from the injured people inside the hospital. He licked his lips as his eyes turned crimson red.

“Calm your fangs down. We aren’t here to feed.” Kibum reminded him as he stepped inside the building. “Let’s go.”

The other’s nodded and tried to restrain each other from attacking the guard and nurse that were standing by the entrance.

“Hello darling.” Donghae purred as he walked by the nurse and winked at her.

The girl’s eyes followed Donghae as he walked past her. She cleared her throat and smiled, “Can I help you?” She raised her voice trying to catch his attention.

Donghae, who was a few steps ahead, turned around and scanned the nurse. Her white dress was just below her knees, with her hair neatly tied up, her gaze was soft and calming; she was the perfect example of a pure, kind hearted nurse.

“Well…” Donghae walked up to her, “You can continue being cute.” He winked and playfully poked her nose. The lady blushed and giggled.

Eunhyuk, who walked past them, grabbed Donghae’s collar, “Sorry, he’s taken.” He smiled, waving goodbye at the nurse while dragging Donghae away.

The nurse unconsciously raised her hand and slightly waved back. Just then, Kangin and Kibum walked past her and joined the one’s that were ahead. She had seen not one, nor two, nor three…but four extremely good looking men. She continued to stare at the hallway watching them casually play with each other; wondering if they were models or celebrities.

“Say...Eunhyuk-ah, since when was I taken by somebody?” Donghae teasingly asked. The other did not reply. Instead, he just nervously blushed and laughed it off.

Donghae put his arm over Eunhyuk’s shoulder and pulled him closer, “Oh, I know!” he suddenly exclaimed, “You were jealous~” He sang and continued teasing the blonde.

“N-no I wasn’t!” Eunhyuk tried to hide his embarrassment by denying everything. He shook Donghae’s arm off him and walked by his side. He raised his head and took a deep breath. The smell of blood was overwhelming.

“How do you do this?” Kangin asked Kibum.

“What are you talking about?” The other asked back.

“You’re so calm! You haven’t had any blood in years! I can barely stop myself from attacking everyone!” Kangin was frustrated. He wanted to satisfy his thirst so badly, but he kept reminding himself that if he attacked someone, Leeteuk would be upset. “Screw you and your self-control.” He mumbled.

Kibum just shrugged and continued walking, “Hyuk, is she near?”

Eunhyuk looked around sniffed at every direction. “He looks like a dog.” Kangin pointed out. The other two chuckled and agreed with the older.

“She’s in that room.” Eunhyuk pointed to the last door on the right side of the hall, with what seemed to be two guards standing at the doorway.

“You sure?” Kangin asked while cracking his knuckles as they approached them.

“Why don’t we ask them?” Kibum smiled when one of them turned and noticed them.

Donghae looked behind them; no one seemed to be paying any attention at their direction. “Let’s go.” He said and with Kibum and Kangin in front, they charged forward.

Kangin grabbed one of the guards collar and threw him over on the floor. He straddled himself on top and was ready to knock him out with a powerful punch. He wanted this done as fast and clean as possible.

“Wait! Kangin!” Eunhyuk shouted.

Kangin stopped his attack and looked up with a confused expression, “What is it?!”

“W-we’re not supposed to hurt them, unless we have to.” Eunhyuk reminded him.

“What?!” Kibum, who was neck-locking the other guard was extremely disappointed. He let go of the guard who dropped onto the ground coughing, gasping for air.

“How does he expect us to-“ Kangin was interrupted by a violent punch on the nose that the guard under him did. He stood up and rubbed his nose as if he had only bumped it. “You bastard! That hurt!”

“T-that should have at least broken your n-nose.” The guard quickly stood up and stumbled over to his partner. “Their strength is insane!” They backed away and searched for something inside their suits.

“Eunhyuk! Man…that hurt!” Kangin showed his now red nose to Eunhyuk, blaming him for the punch.

Kibum pointed at Kangin and was literally on the floor laughing. He held his stomach as tears started to form from all the laughing, “Y-you…look like…R-Rudolph!” he made fun of the older.

“D-don’t move or we’ll shoot!” One of the guards shouted. They all turned their attention to the men who were pointing guns at them.

They all stopped laughing and raised their hands in the air, “Whoa, relax there.” Kangin said and looked at Donghae, who was just sitting on a bench all this time. “I guess you’re up.”

Kibum sighed, “Well, I guess it was fun while it lasted.” He turned and smiled at Donghae, “Drown them.”

“No! Burn them! It’s more fun watching them roll on the floor.” Eunhyuk excitedly suggested.

The guards had to idea what they were talking about. There was no water around nor was there any fire to harm them. They were starting to think that the one’s standing in front of them were just insane.

Donghae stood up and yawned, “Alright then.” He pointed his finger at the guards, who quickly turned their guns towards him. He looked into their eyes and smiled, “Burn.” He said coldly.

Suddenly their bodies were covered in flaming fire. They started screaming and trying to put the fire out by rolling on the floor. One of them started to take his coat off, but somehow the fire was now on his shirt.

Donghae squat down next to one of them who was on the floor struggling and screaming, “Feel the fire burn your skin.” He darkly whispered.

“H-help!” the guards continued shouting as they looked at their burnt skin, the pain was too much to handle for their human body. And with that they lay on the floor, motionless.

“Well…That was disturbing.” Kibum said out of the blue.

The burnt clothes turned back to normal and the burnt skin of the guards turned back into a healthy color. As if nothing of this had happened. This is what made the cheerful and playful Donghae scary.

“Mind control...” Donghae got up and looked at his fellow members; “Scary thing isn’t it?” he smiled. The members felt a cold shiver run down their back. Evil Donghae was indeed evil.

“Well, let’s go inside then.” Eunhyuk said as the turned the doorknob. Once the door was open, they saw a lady on the bed with a horrified expression. They all entered the room and locked it so no one could get in.

“Y-you…killed them!” She shouted, “The guards!” She grabbed hold onto the blanket and covered herself. “P-please…don’t hurt me.” She whimpered.

“The guards?” Donghae walked up to her and sat on the bed. “They’re fine, it’s all psychological pain.” He tried to calm her down by talking to her in a soft tone.

Kangin watched how Donghae handled the girl from the other side of the room. “Such a player.” He mumbled and turned to Kibum who was next to him, “Isn’t Eunhyuk satisfying him?” He asked.

Kibum looked at him, “How should I know?” he replied.

“Listen, remember Eunhyuk?” Donghae asked the lady and pointed at the blonde next to him. The lady looked up and nodded, then, she quickly covered the wound on her neck with her hand.

“Sorry about that.” Eunhyuk apologized. He did go overboard with her last time.

“Relax…We’re not here to hurt you.” Donghae pulled her hand away and kissed it. He looked at her with his now crimson red eyes. “I want you to close your eyes and relax.” She immediately followed Donghae’s orders and relaxed her body.

Donghae looked at Eunhyuk and nodded. They switched places. The blonde was now sitting on the bed next to the lady and Donghae was standing next to him watching. “Do it.” Donghae encouraged.

Eunhyuk covered the lady’s eyes with his palm and his eyes flashed crimson red. Her body fell back, but Eunhyuk caught her just in time. He let her body gently fall back down on the bed and covered her with the blanket.

“What did you replace it with?” Kibum asked across the room.

Eunhyuk got up and stretched his body. “A car accident.” He answered.

“That doesn’t explain the two holes on her neck.” Kangin said. They all turned to see the mark on her neck. He was right; a car accident didn’t cause such injuries.

“I’ll fix it.” Kibum offered to help and got on the bed. “You guys have to take care of the doctors and everyone else that has taken care of her in the hospital.” He said as he started to unbutton the lady’s shirt.

“Don’t hurt her.” The other’s reminded Kibum as he leaned down and gave the lady’s neck a few licks. The rest watched him for a few seconds before leaving the room.

“Should be all healed up by now…” Kibum said out loud and he checked her neck again. The mark was now gone. “I wonder what our saliva has that makes healing faster…” He wondered and buttoned the lady’s shirt.

Kibum got off the bed and as he was headed towards the door, he heard a few gunshots.


Kibum rushed out and saw a horrible scene. He looked around.

Heechul was standing there eyes glowing crimson red. The humans around were frozen still; they were the only ones moving freely since it only affected mortals. Heechul had stopped time.

Eunhyuk was desperately erasing the memory of every human that was on the scene. And the rest of the members were gathered on the floor.

“No…” Kibum ran towards them, “No!” He ran as fast as he could, praying that his friend was okay.

“Shit, what the hell is this?!” Hankyung hissed when he tried to touch the wound.

“It burns! Make it stop!” Donghae’s pain could be heard in his voice. He was holding onto his thigh, sweating horribly. “Fuck!”

“They shot him with a weird gun.” Sungmin tried to look at the smoke covered wound on Donghae’s thigh. “It’s burning him.”

“Guys! I can’t hold much longer!” Heechul warned the members. He was reaching his limit. “Eunhyuk, did you freaken erase everyone’s memory yet?!” He shouted trying to hold on as long as possible.

Hankyung ran over to Heechul’s side, “How much do we have?” He asked concerned about his health.

Heechul’s eyes turned back to normal as he fell on the floor. He started coughing blood out, “I-I went…over my…l-limit.” He barely whispered.

Hankyung helped him get back on his two feet, “How much time?” he desperately asked.

“Ten seconds…” Heechul replied. This was now a battle against time.


“Sungmin! Grab the gun!” Kyuhyun shouted. Sungmin ran to the frozen body of the guy with the gun and snatched it out of his hand.


“Hankyung, Siwon, Help Heechul get out of here.” Kangin ordered. The two did as told. They held onto Heechul’s arm and vanished.


“Everything is going to be okay.” Eunhyuk was shaking with fear as he stayed next to Donghae, who was in great pain as the bullet continued to burn him. His right leg was covered in smoke as he groaned and hissed.


“Let’s go back and heal Donghae. We’ll fix this later!” Kangin continued giving the other’s orders as they got everything ready to leave.


Kangin picked Donghae off the floor and carried him on his back, “Let’s go.” He finally said and they all vanished into thin air.







“Well… what do we have here?” Leeteuk and the one’s that came with him were at the north side of the city.

A tall figure turned around with a smirk on his face. “Oh? Are you the leader of the south side?”

Leeteuk smiled, “Why don’t you tell your gang to stop hiding in the shadows. We don’t like foul play.” He said and threw a fireball at the dark alley. A scream came out along with a vampire who tried to put the fire out.

“Come out you fools.” The tall figure ordered and many other vampires stepped out of the shadows, holding all sorts of weapons.

“Why are you killing them?” Leeteuk pointed at the dead human bodies on the floor.

The other let out a laugh, “Why?” He held a blood covered knife and licked the blood off slowly. “For their blood.” He chuckled.

“What have they done to you?!” Leeteuk raised his voice, anger boiling. Shindong, Ryeowook and Yesung knew that things were going to get ugly.

“Oh, but where are my manners?” The tall figure changed the topic, “Let’s play with the guests, shall we?” He looked at his followers. They all nodded and smirked.

“Get ready.” Yesung said as he took his blade out, “It’s going to start.”

“How about an introduction?” Leeteuk offered, “I’m Leeteuk.” He said and took his coat off.

“I’m Zhoumi.” The tall figure said and smirked, “Leader of the north side of the city.”


The members safely arrived back to the mansion. And Kangin lay Donghae down on a bed as the rest of the members tried to figure out what the bullet contained and how they were going to get it out of Donghae’s body if it burned them when they came in contact with it.

“Hae, please, stay strong.” Eunhyuk stayed by Donghae’s side wiping his sweat off and encouraging him not to give up.

Kyuhyun suddenly got up, eyes crimson red. “Guys…” he said and everyone turned to him.

“Leeteuk is in trouble.”


A/N: FINALLY. VACATIONS<3 I'll try to update as much as i can c:
Updated list of abilities.

Leeteuk: Leader, power has not been revealed yet.
Heechul: Time stopping.
Hankyung: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Yesung: Outstanding sword skills.
Kangin: Physically strongest, power has not been revealed yet.
Shindong: Left hand contains electric waves/charges; uses glove so he can't harm others.
Sungmin: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Eunhyuk: Can erase one's memory.
Donghae: Mind control / Illusions.
Siwon: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Ryeowook: Shield that blocks other attacks.
Kibum: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Kyuhyun: Tracker, Can know everything a person is doing as long as he knows them. /stalker much? (:

Zhoumi: Leader, power has not been revealed yet.

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