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Tie You Down; [ Drabble ]

Title: Tie you down; [ Drabble ]
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Explicit sexual content, teasing, sex, smut.
Summary: Eunhyuk decided to finally tame the beast and be the one in charge. Sadly, things don't go as planned. Donghae rhapes his butt in punishment. (;<

[“Getting kinky?”]
 “Getting kinky?”

Eunhyuk devilishly smiled and he tied Donghae’s hand to the bedpost. They were both naked, horny and in need for each other, but it was now Eunhyuk’s turn to play dirty. Donghae laid on the bed with his hands and legs tied down. He was breathing heavily, anticipating what his boyfriend was up to.

“Hae…” The other purred as he traced his index finger past Donghae’s chest and stopped once he reached his toned abs. “What should I do to you?” He looked at the other with an innocent smile.

“Babe, do whatever you want.” Donghae replied and he started to move his hips upwards, thrusting the air in a slow pace, “Get on top of me and let me fuck you nice and slow.” He whispered.

Eunhyuk giggled. He leaned down and kissed the other gently. “Hae, I’m in control today. We do as I say.” He pinched the others nipple.

Donghae hissed; He had never seen such a dominant Eunhyuk.

“Hyukkie, if you let me go, I promise I’ll still let you be in charge.” Donghae licked his lips as he watched Eunhyuk crawl on top of him. “Please, babe, let me touch you.”

“Hae…What do you do with this?” Eunhyuk pretended to not know and grabbed Donghae’s cock. “Do I rub it like this?” he said and started to stroke it slowly.

Donghae groaned loudly, “Fuck!” he started to thrust into Eunhyuk’s hand.

Eunhyuk licked his lips and purred, “Hae…” he called out and slipped his nail in the slit of Donghae’s head.

“Shit! Hyuk!” Donghae back arched, “Fuck!” he continued to furiously thrust into the others hand. He tried to reach for Eunhyuk, but his tied hands didn’t let him do so.

“You shouldn’t be enjoying this too much.” Eunhyuk said and suddenly let go of Donghae who other stared at him in horror.

“What’s wrong?” Donghae asked as he watching Eunhyuk get off the bed and walk over to the counter. “Where are you going?” He said, but wasn’t getting any reply.

Eunhyuk came back with a smirk on his face and a bottle of lube in his hand. “Hae, let’s get you inside me, shall we?” He teased as he crawled back up in a seductive way.

Donghae nodded in agreement. Hell, he had wanted to fuck Eunhyuk silly like always, but he decided to play along with Eunhyuk’s idea this time. Just for the fun.

Eunhyuk poured the lube on Donghae’s cock, and spread it around playfully before finally positioning himself on top of it.

“Hyukkie, hurry up.” Donghae encouraged him by moving his hip upwards, the head of his cock poking the entrance, “Let me make you feel good.”

Eunhyuk giggled before finally sliding Donghae’s cock inside him. The lube made everything easier and much more slippery.

“Nggggah…” Eunhyuk let out a moan once Donghae was all the way inside him. “Hae you fill me up so much.” He groaned as he pinched own erect nipple.

Donghae growled and thrust upwards, shoving his cock deeper inside.

“Ahh!” Eunhyuk threw his head back and moaned. “Nggg…” He put his hands on Donghae’s chest and lifted himself up a little before dropping back down on his cock.

“Shit, Eunhyuk, let me go.” Donghae groaned at the painful slow speed Eunhyuk had. But on the other hand, each time Eunhyuk came back down, he let out a moan.

“Ngg…Hae…” Eunhyuk moaned as he continued to pleasure himself, “Fuck, it…haah…feels so..good.”

Donghae continued to give little thrusts, with his legs and hands tied down, he couldn’t do much to pleasure the other.

 “Oooh..Hae! I’m gonna come!” Eunhyuk had his eyes closed; one hand pinching his nipple and the other was stroking his leaking cock. “H-Haaae…” His moans got louder.

“Crap, Hyuk…Please, untie me.” Donghae was desperate, he wanted release, he wanted to fuck Eunhyuk as hard as he could.

“Nnngg…!” Eunhyuk pulled a rope and one of Donghae’s leg was set free, “Fuck me hard.” He groaned as he untied the other leg.

“Fuck!” Donghae groaned, with his legs untied, he was now able to thrust into Eunhyuk with much more force. “Shit, the lube is making it so slippery.” Donghae clenched his teeth and fucked Eunhyuk hard.

“Haaaah! Haaah! Haaaah!” Eunhyuk was bouncing on Donghae’s cock; the sound of the skin slapping could be loudly heard. “S-shit!”
Donghae groaned when Eunhyuk’s insides suddenly got tighter and it held onto his cock, “Shit, Hyuk, you’re going to make me come already.” He moaned and continued to fuck the other.

“Nnngg! Haaah! Oooh!” Eunhyuk threw his head back and came all over, “Haaaae…” he let out a long moan as his seed continued to pour out, “Haaah…” He continued to bounce on Donghae’s cock.

“Fuck, Hyuk!” Donghae’s thrusts got desperate, “I’m…gonna fill you up.”

“Haah…I don’t…t-think so.” Eunhyuk said and lifted himself off Donghae’s cock.

“What?!” Donghae screamed. He was so close to coming and Eunhyuk had gotten off him, “What does this mean?!” He tried to grab Eunhyuk, but his hands were tied.

Eunhyuk sat beside him licking his cum covered hand as he giggled, “Do you want to come?” He asked already knowing the answer.

Donghae started at his cold lonely hard on, “Hyuuk! Get back on!” He pouted.

Eunhyuk chuckled before pulling the rope that tied one of Donghae’s hands, “There you go. Now, untie yourself and come at me.” He licked his lips and lay on the bed with his legs wide open.

Donghae untied himself and in a flash, he was back inside Eunhyuk. “You’ll regret teasing me.” He growled and harshly bit Eunhyuk’s nipple.

“Nnngah!” Eunhyuk moaned once Donghae picked up speed. “Oooh! F-fuck!”

“I’m going to make you go crazy.” Donghae hissed as he continued to shove his cock deeper in, “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Haah…Haah…Haaah…” Eunhyuk was a moaning mess. Donghae’s hands roamed everywhere, pinching his nipples, squeezing his ass and stroking his cock. Donghae was totally in control now.

“Nnngg! Haae…I going to c-come!” Eunhyuk came with a long satisfying groan, his whole body shook as the strong orgasm took over.

“Shit, it’s…so tight!” Donghae started to breathe heavily as his orgasm drew closer, “Babe, I’ll make you come again.” He continued to abuse the others prostate.

“Nnnng! Oooh!” Eunhyuk held onto the bed sheets tightly with his eyes shut. He felt another orgasm coming.
“Ugh! God!” Donghae groaned as he came and emptied himself inside, “Fuck!”

“Haaaaaaah!” Eunhyuk’s back arched as he felt the hot liquid invade, making him come again.

They both stayed still trying to catch their breaths.

Donghae chuckled, “I hope you learned your lesson.” He kissed the others forehead.

Eunhyuk smiled at the other tiredly, “Yeah. You can never tie down and tame beast.” He giggled, “Is that it?”

Donghae shook his head, “Wrong. It’s never tie down Donghae unless you want your butt ripped in half.” He chuckled, “Got it?”

The other smiled and nodded.

a/n: Sorry about suddenly disappearing~
Here's a short smut drabble for you to entertain yourselves as i go and murder study for the exams.
I will update The dark side of the city asap.
But for now... byees~
Current Status: Haitus.

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