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The Dark Side Of The City; [ Chapter 2 ]

Title: The Dark Side Of The City;  [ Chapter 2 ]
Pairing: Super Junior-centric; slight!pairings;
Rating: R
Genre: Supernatural, Dark.
Warning: Language, Vampire!SuperJunior.
Summary: After causing trouble, how will the thirteen handsome yet dangerous guys fix this?

[The door flew open as Leeteuk stormed inside Kangin's room startling him.]The door flew open as Leeteuk stormed inside Kangin's room startling him.

"W-what are you doing here?" He asked laying on his bed as he set his laptop aside.

Leeteuk stomped around the room breathing heavily. He found a crumbled piece of paper and took his anger out on it by burning the paper, throwing in on the ground and stomping on it like a little kid who was throwing a fit.

Kangin stared at the other and waited for him to finish.

"Stupid Hyuk, stupid Hae, stupid Heechul..." Leeteuk mumbled as he continued to stomp on the ashes of the paper he had burnt.

The other chuckled and sighed, "Teukie...Come here." He said and gave the bed a few pats.

Leeteuk looked up and frowned, "It's so frustrating." he complained to the other, "What should i do?" He sighed and sat on the bed next to Kangin.

"Relax." Kangin lifted himself off the bed and sat next to Leeteuk, "Let me take care of this" he offered.

Leeteuk smiled and hugged the other, "It's okay, I'll fix this tomorrow night." He yawned and rubbed his eye.

Kangin swept the locks of hair that covered the others forehead, "It's almost morning." he said and gently gave it a kiss, "Stay here tonight."

"I can't, the others aren't back yet." The leader shook his head, "I'm worried."

"Sungmin? Ryeowook? Shindong? They are probably out there eating their food." Kangin said and wondered how they were able to eat the tasteless human food so regularly, "Or is it Siwon and Kibum?" He continued speaking as he gently pushed Leeteuk on the bed until he was laying down. "Yesung? Hankyung?" He pulled the sheets and covered the other, "They are full grown men. Please...Just rest." Kangin whispered and lay down next to the leader.


The next night had the same routine, the members were all waiting in the training room, which was full of training equipment. They had punching bags, boxing gloves, nunchucks, swords, shooting targets and everything else that could help them enhance their body even more.

"Yah...Where the hell is Leeteuk?" Heechul was getting impatient, he picked a bow up and started to lazily shoot at the targets. Even with that, he still hit the center. "Why do we even shoot arrows? We don't even use them."

Hankyung laughed and gave Heechul a pat on the shoulder before picking up a bow, "Teach me?"

The other smirked, "Yah! shouldn't you go practice your fighting?" Heechul stood behind behind Hankyung and grabbed his hands, "Aim carefully." He held the others hand at the right height, "Now...Let go." He whispered.

"Yes!" Hankyung celebrated by dancing around.

Heechul chuckled, "Idiot. It didn't hit the center." He said and lightly punched the other. "You should teach me how to fight."

As soon as he said that, Hankyung dragged him over to the large boxing ring. Siwon who was also over there, agreed to teach the other some moves. Chattering filled the room as everyone waited for their leader to arrive.


Everyone turned their attention to the door. There stood their leader, and next to him the strongest of them physically, Kangin. They all noticed the tired look Leeteuk wore. He probably didn't sleep because he was busy trying to fix the problem, or...he could have been doing something else.

"Everyone, i have an important task for you all." Leeteuk announced and walked over to a large table, the rest gathered around it. "Hyuk caused some trouble yesterday." he added and threw the newspaper on the table. "See for yourself."

The members read the headline 'Vampires attack citizens, everyone is worried about safety.' Everyone glared at Eunhyuk, who quickly hid behind Donghae.

Sungmin, picked up the newspaper and started reading the article out loud. Kyuhyun, who had seen everything, shook his head in disagreement to the lies that the reporters wrote.

"Eunhyuk, you told her your name?!" Sungmin shouted, "Why didn't you erase her memory?!"

Kibum, who was usually the quiet one was also frustrated by the fact that with Eunhyuk's mistake, they now all had to keep a low profile. He quietly walked away to the punching bags and furiously attacked it.

"They are saying that we are cold hearted animals who attack the innocent for blood." Ryeowook pouted, "But...I like human food."

Leeteuk clapped his hands, "Enough chit chat. Let's get ready." He went towards Eunhyuk, "Remember to erase her memory this time." he warned.

Everyone listened carefully to the leaders orders, "Okay, i need the strong ones here." Leeteuk said and in a blink of an eye, Kangin, Siwon, Kibum, Sungmin and Hankyung stood before him ready to take action. "I need you guys to split into 2 teams. One team will go with Kyuhyun to all the news networks and stop them from releasing any more of this garbage. Delete all the data and don't leave any evidence. Also, don't hurt anyone unless completely necessary." As soon as he finished Kyhyun, Sungmin, Hankyung and Siwon vanished.

Leeteuk then thought about the obstacles that Kyuhyun's team could have, "No need to worry about the guards. The computers are a piece of cake for Kyuhyun...Maybe i should send him just in case." He mumbled and called for Heechul, "You, if things get difficult, stop the time so Kyuhyun can get his job done."

"Alright, alright...So bossy." He said before also vanishing.

The leader took a deep breath before continuing, "Okay, Donghae, you go with Eunhyuk's team. Use your charm on the hospital receptionist  or nurses and get the information on the girls room. Use your powers if necessary." He said and turned to Kibum and Kangin, "I'm sure there's someone there to protect her since she knows something about us. Your job is to take them out." The leader finally faced Eunhyuk, "You must, at all cost, erase the girls memory." They all nodded before disappearing into thin air.

Leeteuk sighed before smiling at the members that he didn't send away, "Let's take care of the other problem, Shall we?" He picked the newspaper up and continued reading the article about vampires attacking. "It also says that there's a case of vampires attacking someone in the north side of the city."

Shindong hissed, "Damn troublemakers." he removed the glove on his left hand. Blue electric flashing waves surrounded his hand, making a scary crackling sound. "It's been long since I've used you." he said to his hand.

Leeteuk nodded, "I guess we'll have a nice chat with them." He looked at Ryeowook, "Your shield should be able to protect us in case they decide to play naughty, won't it?"

Ryeowook threw his head back and laughed showing his fangs, "Of course! The only thing it hasn't been able to block is your power."

"It's been long since i had an actual fight." Yesung added, "It's nice to put my sword into action." He said and took the blade out.

"Be careful, only Leeteuk can quickly recover from your cuts. The others take many days." Ryeowook reminded him and stepped away from Yesung and his sword, who smirked and put it away.

The leader chuckled, "Alright, let's head north."

And with that, the mansion was empty for the rest of the night.


a/n: In case some of you are wondering what is each member's power, ability, position, etc; I made a list.
Leeteuk: Leader, power has not been revealed yet.
Heechul: Time stopping.
Hankyung: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Yesung: Outstanding sword skills.
Kangin: Physically strongest, power has not been revealed yet.
Shindong: Left hand contains electric waves/charges; uses glove so he can't harm others.
Sungmin: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Eunhyuk: Can erase one's memory.
Donghae: Power has not been revealed yet.
Siwon: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Ryeowook: Shield that blocks other attacks.
Kibum: Physically strong, power has not been revealed yet.
Kyuhyun: Tracker, Can know everything a person is doing as long as he knows them. /stalker much? (:
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