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The Dark Side Of The City; [Chapter 1]

Title: The Dark Side Of The City;  [Chapter 1]
Pairing: Super Junior-centric; slight!Haehyuk in this chapter;
Rating: R
Genre: Supernatural, Dark.
Warning: Language, Vampire!SuperJunior.
Summary: There's a mansion on the other side of the city. Inside the mansion, there're thirteen handsome, yet dangerous guys...

["Please...I already gave you all my money, what else do you want?!" The girl shouted.]"Please...I already gave you all my money, what else do you want?!" The girl shouted.

"Well, it's true that money is what we wanted." One of the guys scanned her with his eyes from her head to her feet. The girl took a step back and tried to cover herself with her hands. "But, i think we found ourselves a nice treat." The other guy chuckled and took a step closer to the girl.

"H-help!" The girl screamed.

"Shhh...Babe, you are in one of the most dangerous parts of the city." One the the guys said as he look a lock of her hair and smelled it. "Aaaah...Strawberry scented shampoo, eh?" He smirked.

"Y-you're sick!" The girl shouted in horror, there was no escape. She was walking on the streets late at night when these two guys started following her. She quickly noticed and started walking faster, but one of them suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her into a dark alley.

"Quit talking, bitch." One of them roughly pushed her against the wall, "Let's see if you are as good as you seem to be." He darkly whispered and held both of her arms above her head. "Hey, start stripping her." He told the other that was with him.

The girl struggled and cried for help, but it was useless. No one would come help her, this side of the city had a dark reputation. This was where all the drug dealers, thieves and other dangerous people, or creatures lived. Even the police were afraid to walk on this dark side. Your chances of being robbed, raped or even killed were just as high during day time over here.

"These look nice." One of them said as he ripped her bra off, "Are they natural?" he said and gave her breasts a hard squeeze.

The girl hissed and continued struggling, "Help! Please, Anyone!"

"You scums."

The two guys turned their head to the right and took their knives out.

"H-help! Sir, please!" The girl continued shouting.

"Who's there?!" The guy who was holding onto the girls arms let go. She quickly tried to flee, but the other grabbed onto her hair and forced her to stay still by putting his knife next to her neck.

"Let her go." The voice ordered.

'Pfftt...Stop hiding in the shadows, you coward!" The other shouted at the darkness.

The mysterious person chuckled, "You asked for it."

The two thieves stood nervously as a human figure came out of the shadows. It was a handsome tall male with blonde hair, his skin was pale white. He wore black clothes, camouflaging him well in the shadows. He was wearing black boots with his pants tucked inside them, similar to the way the military wore their uniform.

"Let me repeat myself one last time. Let the girl go."

The two thieves laughed, "It's two against one. Besides, we have knives with us." One said before charging forward ready to attack.

In a blink of an eye, the thief was laying on the ground, lifeless. A puddle of blood surrounding it.

"W-what?" The other guy backed away horrified. The girl watched in disbelief at what just happened.

"This wouldn't have happened to him." The mysterious guy licked his blood covered hand, "You taste horrible." He insulted the lifeless man.

He picked the knife off the ground and held it with his right hand. "See what happens when you disobey me?" He opened his hand. The knife that he was holding a few seconds ago, was now hovering on top on his opened hand as if some invisible string was tied to it, making it seem like it was floating.

"Y-y...You're one of them!" The thief gasped and let go of the girl, "I-i am terribly sorry!" He threw his knife at the ground and ran away as fast as he could.

The girl was shivering on the ground. She looked up at her savior, both terrified and relieved that he had saved her.

"Are you hurt?" The guy walked towards her, the loud steps his boots made filled the alley. He squat down in front of her and gently touched face.

The girl flinched, "A-are of them?" she asked covering herself with her arms.

The guy smiled and showed her his sharp fangs, "Are you scared?" He whispered with his husky voice.

The girl nodded. The guy in front of her right now was a million times more dangerous than the two thieves. Humans are to avoid them at all cost. But, this one didn't seem as dangerous, he did save her life. A human's life.

"W-what want?" The girl's voice trembled.

"Take a guess..." The guy whispered, his hand softly caressing the girl's cheek. "You'll probably get it on the first try." He smiled.


The guy nodded, "In exchange of saving your little life." He pointed at the lifeless body of the thief he had killed.

The girl was shaking in horror, "Can I at least know your name?" She asked.

The guy raised an eyebrow. 'Is this even the right time to ask a guy his name?' He wondered. The guy stared at her eyes for a second before replying, "Eunhyuk."

The girl slowly exposed her neck to him. "Will it hurt?"

Eunhyuk leaned in and slowly licked her neck, "Maybe." He answered.

She closed her eyes and tightly held onto Eunhyuk's shirt.

"Haaaaah!" The girl moaned as she felt his fangs dig into her skin, "E-Eunhyuk! S...Stop!" She struggled as she suddenly felt immense pain.

Eunhyuk pushed her onto the ground and held her tightly as he continued to drink her blood.

"Haah! S-stop! Please!" The girl cried and tried to break free. She felt all her life being drained away as he drank more of her blood.

Eunhyuk's chocolate eyes turned crimson red, as he was getting quenched with the girl's blood.

"P-please...s-stop...p-plea..." The girl's shouting seemed to have quieted down, and her body had stopped struggling.

Eunhyuk let go of the girl and wiped blood that had dripped down the corner of his lips. "Crap." The girl was pale.

"You almost killed her, Hyukkie~"

Eunhyuk looked up. There was another one of them sitting at the rooftop of a not so tall building, watching everything.

"Shut up. How long have you been there?" Eunhyuk told the other to come down.

The other stuck his tongue, "Since you became the hero." He said before jumping down and softly landing on the ground.

"I was just trying to save her." Eunhyuk checked the girl's pulse. It was faint, but she was still alive.

"Right, by trying to suck all her blood away?" The other teased, he covered the girl with her torn shirt and carried her in his arms.

"But...I was so hungry..." Eunhyuk pouted.

"We have to take her to a hospital. Let's save her for real now." He said and disappeared into thin air.

"Yah! Lee Donghae!" Eunhyuk yelled before also vanishing.


"Aish...He's causing trouble again."

"Yah...Stop spying on others Kyuhyun." Leeteuk, their leader said while flipping through the newspaper.

Kyuhyun glared at him, "But, aren't you curious of what would appear on tomorrow's news~?" He tried to lure his leader's attention.

Leeteuk looked at his fellow member and put the newspaper down on the coffee table. He sighed before finally asking, "What did he do now?"

The other looked at him and smirked, "What do i get?" he asked hoping to receive the newest high-tech computer that has yet to be released in the market.

His leader shook his head, "Forget about the computer, Kyu." He said for the 100th time.

Kyuhyun pouted, "Sheesh, stop using your powers to read my thoughts." mumbled and vanished in front of the leader's eyes.

"Tch. I have to teach that kid some manners." Leeteuk reminded himself.

Silence filled the big elegant mansion. Despite being at the darkest and poorest side of the city, Leeteuk somehow had managed to buy this place. At first it was just him, but, as time went by, the mansion slowly got livelier as 12 other guys joined him. Many people knew what kind of people...or creatures lived in the mansion.

Young teenage girls saw the 13 people who lived inside as just a couple of guys who were gifted with extremely good looks. In fact, many teenagers visited them often and tried to become friends. Sadly, or more like fortunately, the leader, Leeteuk, had forbid humans from stepping inside the mansion. He did it for the safety of their members...Well, it's better to say that he's protecting the humans from them.

Grown ups knew exactly how dangerous the people inside the mansion could get, so they tried to avoid them as much as possible. Even if they seemed harmless from their looks, you'll never know when they might decide to invite you to dinner...or if you are dinner.

Leeteuk turned the 50 inch plasma on and surfed through the channels. But suddenly, a tall and thin looking guy appeared in front of the TV, his clothes covered in blood.

"What the hell did you do?" Leeteuk hissed at the guy.

The other chuckled, "Chill, i just finished what Eunhyuk and Donghae couldn't do." He started to unbutton his white, blood stained shirt off.

Leeteuk glared at him, He really disliked it when his members attacked others for no reason. "Heechul...Did you kill an innocent person?"

Heechul laughed and walked to the seat next to the leader and sat down next to him.

"Answer me. Did you?" The leader hissed, his eyes turning crimson red from anger. A fireball appeared on his hand, he was ready to throw it as soon as he heard a 'yes'.

"Yah! Didn't Kyuhyun tell you? I'm sure he was spying on all of us like always!" Heechul shouted. "I'm sure he saw everything!"

The fireball disappeared like magic. Leeteuk's eyes turned back to normal as he took a deep breath and relaxed.

"No, he didn't." Leeteuk grabbed Heechul's shoulder and shook him wildly, "Now tell me what happened!" He roared.

"Sheeesh. Calm down, grandpa." Heechul shook his hands off. "Look, Hyuk saved a girl from two bad guys...blah, blah, blah... One of them escaped. Donghae appeared, he took the girl and went to the hospital...Blah, blah, blah...I saw everything and finished the other off." Heechul explained while moving his hands everywhere like the diva he was.

Leeteuk nodded at every word that Heechul said, extremely relieved that it wasn't something worse.

"Now, goodbye." And with that, there was the loud slamming of a door closing. Heechul who was next to his leader a few seconds ago, was now back in his room.

Leeteuk fixed his eyes on the TV again. But, suddenly the front door opened and two guys walked in.

"Welcome back." The leader said in a firm tone.

Eunhyuk and Donghae looked at each other, how were they going to explain the mess they made.

"Did...Kyuhyun tell you already?" Donghae asked, trying to avoid looking at Leeteuk's eyes.

Leeteuk fixed his eyes on Eunhyuk, the other backed away and hid behind Donghae, "Eunhyuk, would you mind telling me what happened?"

Donghae stepped foward. "Aah...Hyukkie just tried to save a g-girl..." Donghae tried to protect the other. "He didn't mean to cause trouble."

Leeteuk, being the oldest in the mansion, had a lot of responsibilities. He was like the mother of everyone else. He had to make sure everyone was safe and had to make sure that no one causes too much trouble outside. They were barely able to live peacefully with the humans and trouble was not what he wanted.

"See, now because of what you guys did, humans are now paying even more attention to us than they should." Leeteuk seemed angry, but he was worried about their safety.

Eunhyuk and Donghae didn't say anything, they just looked at the floor, disappointment written all over their faces.

"We'll talk about this when the others get back." The leader finally announced.

a/n: Halloween is right around the corner!
What better way than to celebrate by stalking these handsome vampires? ;D

*Look forward to future couple smut -smirks-
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