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Nerds turn me on;

Title: Nerds turn me on.
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Explicit sexual content, Language, Smut, Sex.
Summary: Eunhyuk is the nerd in Donghae's class. But on the night of the ball, Eunhyuk gets a light makeover and attracts many peoples attention; Including Donghaes.

[“Who’s that hottie?”]“Who’s that hottie?”

“Is he new?”

“Oh my, look at that sizzling body.”

Eunhyuk hurried down the hall, it was all decorated with colorful balloons and banners. He was headed to the gym, where the Annual ball was taking place, and the girls would turn and look at him from head to toe; some would even bump into him and literally rape him with their eyes.

“Crap, crap, crap. Stop staring at me.” Eunhyuk mumbled as he picked up speed once he saw the entrance to the gym decorated with a big “ANNUAL BALL” In big red letters hanging from one side to the other.

The louder the music got when he got closer, the more nervous he felt. He had never tried to look nice or impress someone in his life. But, once he told his mother that there would be a ball, his mother got excided and fixed him as perfect as she could.

Eunhyuk pushed the door open and the music blasted into his ears. He looked around catching the attention of many; He slowly stepped inside looking around for his friend, Sungmin.


“Hey…Dude, isn’t that the nerdy gay guy in our class?” Kim Heechul said.

Now, this guy was someone you would not want to mess with; He had a deadly and seductive tongue that made girls line up for a turn to kiss him. He also had a pretty mysterious background. There are rumors going around saying that he’s some sort of gang leader, or that he works at some sort of club and gives his clients the “best night of their lives”. And to make it worse he was in Eunhyuk’s class.

“First of all, you’re bisexual so you can’t make fun of him; and who the hell are you talking about?”

“You dumb ass. As if you haven’t shoved your dick up another guy’s hole” Heechul smacked the others head. “Him!” he pointed at Eunhyuk as he walked up to Sungmin with a relieved expression.

“Oppa~ Do you know that guy? Can you introduce him to me?” The girl that was accompanying the other guy pleaded.

“Bitch, you want his cock now, huh?” The other guy barked and pushed her away. The poor girl stumbled back and almost fell, but luckily her friends were around and caught her just in time.

“Go beg for his cock, Slut.” The other guy was jealous of all the attention Eunhyuk was getting, he was known for being a player. He could get any girl or guy on his bed just by lifting his finger, and seeing Eunhyuk getting the attention he was supposed to get was not something that he liked.

“Did that bastard get surgery or something?” Heechul wondered.

“Idiot, it’s his glasses. He doesn’t have those ugly ass glasses with him.”  The other replied. “And of course the clothes”

“Tch. He’s getting all the girls.” Heechul complained as he watched a girl walked up to Eunhyuk.

“Fuck, that’s it.” The other charged towards Eunhyuk furiously. He was jealous of the girls, he wanted Eunhyuk for him only.


Eunhyuk rejected all the girls that asked him for a dance. He was here just because his friend, Sungmin, forced him to. He said that he needed to socialize and make more friends and all that crap.

He appreciated having Sungmin as his friend; Not many people talked to Eunhyuk since he was considered a “nerd”. But really, was being smart such a sin in here?

“Psst. Hyuk, Donghae is heading towards you.” Sungmin whispered and put down his drink on the table.

As Donghae crossed the room, people started whispering. The girls around Eunhyuk held their breaths and walked away silently.

“Be careful Eunhyuk, don’t make him mad.” Sungmin warned as he cleared his throat; the tension could be felt in the air.

“Hey! Eunhyuk, right?” Donghae smiled and held his hand out.

“H-hey…D-Donghae” Eunhyuk shook his hand nervously. Not only was he talking to Eunhyuk for the first time, but he was also attracted to him…Which was probably another reason why he didn’t have friends. He was gay, and people were homophobic around here.

“Wanna hang out outside?” Donghae offered and headed to the door. “Come on!” He waved at Eunhyuk.

“Eunhyuk, if anything happens call me.” Sungmin was worried, if someone offended Donghae in any way, the rest of your life would be hell.

“Don’t worry.” Eunhyuk reassured him. He could be a “nerd” to others, but behind all those books, he also worked out. It wouldn’t be that easy to take him down.


Donghae and Eunhyuk were outside of the gym, the night was pretty cold and windy. Loud music and chattering could be heard everywhere.

“So, having fun?” Donghae asked with a smile.

“Y-yeah…” Eunhyuk answered shyly.

Donghae sat down on the big rock and told Eunhyuk to sit next to him.

“So…who do you like Eunhyuk?” Donghae asked, he turned to face Eunhyuk and looked straight into his eyes.

Eunhyuk blushed and looked away.

“Come on! Tell me! I’ll help you.” Donghae shook Eunhyuk’s shoulder encouraging him.

“I-I like…”

Donghae nodded eagerly.

“Y-you.” Eunhyuk squeaked.

Donghae jaw slightly dropped, he froze. He didn’t expect that answer, he was sure it would be Sungmin since he was only one that treated him nicely.

Donghae suddenly stood up and startled Eunhyuk, he wondered if he had scared or even made Donghae feel disgusted.

“Stand up” Donghae ordered.


“I told you to stand up!” Eunhyuk quickly stood up.

“Say that again…” Donghae’s voice softened. “Tell me who you like”

Eunhyuk closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he was going to confess now. “I LIKE YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU!” Eunhyuk shouted with all his might.

Donghae smiled brightly and held his face, he also liked Eunhyuk, but was too “tough” too ask him out all this time.

“I’m glad that we share the same feelings.” He said and suddenly kissed Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk didn’t push him away; there was no way he would. Donghae deepened the kiss and pushed Eunhyuk to the tree near them.

“Ngg!” Eunyuk moaned once his back roughly hit the tree.

Donghae pushed Eunhyuk harder against the tree and bit his plump lips. He let out a moan, and started unbuttoning Donghae’s shirt.

Donghae let go of the lips and stared into his eyes. “We’re in…public.” he panted caressing Eunhyuk’s soft cheek.

“Haah…I don’t…care.” Eunhyuk slid his hands under Donghae’s dress shirt and started to feel his built body.

“Let’s go to my place. Now.” Donghae growled and dragged Eunhyuk to his car as fast as possible.

With every red light on the road, they kissed, touched and teased each other. Donghae was amazed at how naughty this “nerd” was.

“I…thought that…haaang…that you only liked g-girls.” Eunhyuk groaned as Donghae leaned over to his seat and sensually licked his neck before giving it a bite.

“Did I ever say that?” Donghae breathed against the other’s neck. Eunhyuk shivered and held onto his seat, he closed his eyes as Donghae whispered dirty things to him. But he was too distracted, his body felt like it was on fire, his hard on screaming to be released and all he could hear was “Fuck” “Cock” “Sexy” and “Hard”.

“Nnnngg!” Eunhyuk let out a loud moan once Donghae started rubbing his nipple through his shirt; it felt so delicious, so good.

Beep! Beeeeeeep!

“Fuck them” Donghae cursed as he got back to his seat and noticed that the light had turned green, he went as fast as he could.

“Nnng…Haaah…F-fuck!” Donghae turned only to catch Eunhyuk with his hand inside his pants.

“Shit…babe, hold on.” Donghae wanted to pull over to the side and just fuck Eunhyuk right there, but he knew that there wasn’t enough room, so he took a deep breath an tried to relax.

“Haae…Haae!”  Eunhyuk had his pants unbuttoned and open, both of his hands inside his boxers playing with his shaft stroking it fast. “Ooh! Fuuuck!” Eunhyuk’s back arched and came.

Donghae had to focus on the road, but with Eunhyuk masturbating next to him; It took all his willpower not to attack the other and just shove his dick in.

“Nng…are we there yet?” Eunhyuk whined as he took a hand out and licked his cum off.

“Bitch, why are you so naughty?” Donghae turned to Eunhyuk and licked his lips. “I’m going to punish you for teasing me.” He smirked.

“Oh, please do.” Eunhyuk smirked, “How are you going to punish me, sir?” Eunhyuk put two fingers on Donghae’s arm and started to “walk up”.

“You slut, I’ll fuck you so hard, you’ll be begging me to stop.”  Donghae was on the edge of losing control.

Eunhyuk giggled. Suddenly Donghae’s car came to a stop.

“We’re here” Donghae smirked before stepping out; he walked over to Eunhyuk’s door and opened it for him. “I hope your ass is ready.” he teased.


As soon as they were inside, Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae and kissed him fiercely, his hand ran through Donghae’s hair as he deepened the kiss. Donghae grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his hip. Both of them lost in the lust, they had both lost sanity.

Donghae walked to his couch and dropped Eunhyuk. Donghae hovered above him.

“ Haae…” Eunhyuk called him.

Donghae shifted his hardened shaft and brushed it against the other. They both sucked in a quick breath.

Eunhyuk wanted him; he pressed his member closer and pulled Donghae down, pressing him against his aching nipples.

“I never knew you were so naughty.” Donghae breathed.

“Really?” Eunhyuk rocked his hips and growled. “Why is that?”

Donghae pressed them even closer.

Eunhyuk threw his head back as Donghae slowly moved back and forth across his cock. His chest was aching; he wanted the other all over him. Donghae bent down and nuzzled his chest, warming the skin under the shirt.

Eunhyuk gasped when he felt Donghae’s tongue circle his hardened nipple through the shirt.


Donghae looked up but didn’t stop what he was doing. He held his gaze as his mouth closed over his nipple. Eunhyuk couldn’t look away; His eyes were hot with desire, hot for Donghae.

Donghae didn’t say a word, but moved from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment as the first. The wet fabric clung to his turgid nipple. Eunhyuk closed his eyes and moaned. Nothing in his life had felt so good, so right. Donghae’s hands slid down Eunhyuk’s back and cupped his ass. He pulled him closer, grinding his erection against him.

Oh god, every loving inch of Donghae’s shaft throbbed against Eunhyuk.

Donghae gently brushed away a few blonde hairs that were covering Eunhyuk’s eyes. “Tell me now, Eunhyuk. Are you sure you want this?” His normally soft voice deepened. “You and I both know that this isn’t a good idea. But, God help me, I don’t think I can stop.” He groaned.

“I have wanted you ever since I saw you, ever since we kissed, although I’m not sure of this. But, if you don’t fucking touch my skin in the next minute, I think I’ll die.” Eunhyuk blurted out.

Donghae groaned, the sound full of irritation and acceptance.

Eunhyuk pushed his aching shaft against Donghae’s hardened cock. His pulse accelerated as he let the lust take over.

The sound of a zipper sliding down aroused Eunhyuk even more. He wanted this, now.

“Haang…” Eunhyuk moaned when he saw Donghae rub his cock that was hidden away under his boxers.

Donghae’s chocolate eyes turned hard and his jaw flexed. “Hyukie, there’s no turning back now.” He leaned down and licked Eunhyuk’s ear.

“Haah…I know.” Eunhyuk nodded.

“There’s no way I’ll stop…I can feel your lust.” He slowly unbuttoned the others shirt as he sensually whispered in his ear.

“You want me, baby.”  He said as he slowly took Eunhyuk’s pants off. “Hell, I can smell your arousal.”

“Haae…P-please.” Eunhyuk’s body was on fire, he needed Donghae to touch him, to fill him up.

Donghae slid the other’s boxers off and got up. Eunhyuk’s eyes followed him.

“Baby…this guy is screaming to get inside you.” Eunhyuk watched Donghae release his cock from his boxers and let out a soft moan. Donghae was bigger than average, just as he had predicted.

Donghae stroked himself, from the base up to the engorged head. Eunhyuk wanted to put his mouth there. He wanted to suck him dry and have him come in his mouth. The image that thought produced had him pushing himself up on his elbows.

“Easy there.” Donghae gently stayed him with his other hand as he continued to stroke his cock. Eunhyuk licked his lips.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m about to come just from your moans.” Donghae slowly crawled his way up to Eunhyuk’s lips as his other hand continued to stroke himself.

“Haaah…Then f-fuck me.” Eunhyuk’s penis was hard and the head rubbed against Donghae’s body as he moved up.

“Baby…I’ll lose all control.” Donghae whispered before giving the other a kiss.

“But losing control is fun” Eunhyuk pouted.

Donghae smiled, but said nothing and continued to kiss him.

“Oh, Jesus, Eunhyuk.” He kissed his neck, his nipple, and then moved to his mouth again. Eunhyuk opened for him and his tongue fucked his mouth, moving in and out as he slid his dick against his ass. With each upstroke, he rubbed the head of his cock near his entrance.

Donghae continued to assault on his mouth, he pinched first one nipple, then the other. The delicious pain heightened Eunhyuk’s arousal and he sobbed.

“Please, Donghae, Now. I-I need your cock inside me” Eunhyuk whimpered.

Every nerve screamed in need for sex. If Donghae didn’t fill him up now, he’d scream.

He didn’t have to wait. Donghae guided his cock into his slick channel. His inner muscles clasped him tight as he pushed further, groaning the whole way.

“F- fuck! Nnng…” Eunhyuk digged his nails on Donghae’s back.

“Oh god, You’re so tight and twitching for me.” Donghae lifted his legs over his shoulder, tightening his hold on his cock. He slowly pulled out, and then pushed back in, to the hilt.

“Haaaaah! Nnng…It’s so…b-big” Eunhyuk moaned, He could feel Donghae stretch him.

“Fuck…Hae!” Eunhyuk wanted to be fucked hard and fast. But Donghae had put him in a position where he retained control, where he picked the rhythm.

“Hae, harder!”

Donghae chuckled. “Babe, I’m going to fuck you like you need to be fucked.” He held his face with one hand and licked his cheek.

“Nnng…Haaah…But, Fuck!” Eunhyuk cursed when Donghae hit his prostate.

“I want to make sure you can’t control yourself. I want you screaming my name when you come.” Donghae whispered staring into his eyes full of lust.

Irritation had lifted Eunhyuk to his elbows, but Donghae pushed him down. His hands stayed on his shoulders, pressing him on the couch.

“You asked to be fucked, Eunhyuk, and you are.” He slowly shoved his dick in hard. “You are going to take my dick the way I want you to.” He whispered hotly against his ear.

“Nnnnng…” Eunhyuk’s dick leaked of precum. “Haaaaah…” The harsh words should have scared him, or at least angered him. But another wave of lust came. Never in his life had he been this turned on.

“Touch your nipples, Eunhyuk.” He reacted to the command immediately. Eunhyuk circled his nipples with his fingers. “No, slut. Pinch them.” He did. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Haaaah! Haaaah! Nnng!” Eunhyuk nodded as he pinched them again, sending another rush of electricity through him. Donghae’s thrusts were increasing in speed.

“I want to see you come, Eunhyuk. I want to feel you clenching my cock as you scream my name.” Donghae licked his neck and sucked on it, leaving a mark.

“Fuck! Fuck! Hae! Hae!” His harsh words sent him over the edge as he came hard on both of them.

“That’s it, baby. Yeah, that’s it.”

“Hae!” He thrust harder and faster. The coil drew tighter, then burst as his orgasm ripped through him.

“Aaah, Fuck! Eunhyuk!” Donghae grunted and he gripped onto Eunhyuk’s legs and fucked his tight hole as hard as he could.

“Oh god! Haaaah! haaaah!” Eunhyuk’s eyes rolled back, Donghae was hitting his prostate with every harsh thrust.

“Fuck! Yees!” Donghae was near. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he tried to thrust as deep as he could.

“Haaaaah! Haaaaah…haaah…” Eunhyuk had his mouth slightly open with only moans escaping from it.

“Hyukie!” Donghae thrust hard, once more. He exploded as he shouted his name again.

“Ooooh…” Eunhyuk arched his back as he felt Donghae’s warm cum fill him inside. “Haae…”

Donghae was panting as he gently released his legs from his shoulders; Eunhyuk had his eyes closed and was panting for air. Donghae smiled and gave the other a kiss on the cheek.

Every muscle in Donghae’s body relaxed as he got up and lifted Eunhyuk from the sofa. He took a deep breath. The musky scent of sex hung in the air. He moved Eunhyuk to the bed in the room.

“Such a beast.” Eunhyuk said in a husky voice.

“I didn’t know that nerds were such a cock lover?” Donghae teased then settled himself next to Eunhyuk on the bed.

“Smart people also need to mate you know.” Eunhyuk stated and stuck his tongue out.

“Mate?” Donghae was awed by the word he had chosen.

“Okay, fine, reproduce.”

Donghae laughed. “Sex, baby. It’s called, hard and rough sex.” Donghae winked at Eunhyuk.

He blushed and looked at the clock. “It’s 12 A.M, time to sleep.” He turned to the other side and pulled the cover over him.

“What?” Donghae was dumbfounded.

“It is said that skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night. It almost doubles, peeking between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM” He mumbled.

Donghae snorted. “Thank’s for the note.” He said and shifted. “Good night, my love.”

Eunhyuk blushed. “I-I Love you.” He whispered and quickly pretended to sleep.

Donghae smiled like a dork.


a/n:   Haven't updated in a while :D
Have fun with the smut! 
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